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How a Forensic Accountant in Atlanta Can Help If You Suspect Employee Theft

You’re supposed to be able to trust the employees who work for your company. You might have even performed extensive background checks and screening on your employees to determine if they had criminal records and if they seemed responsible. Despite this, however, you might be worried that you and your business have been victimized by employee theft. If this is a concern, hiring a financial professional who specializes in forensic accounting is probably a good idea. These are a few reasons why.

Determine If Your Suspicions Are Correct

You might suspect that employee theft has been happening, but you might not be sure yet. Of course, it’s important for you to find out for sure. After all, you don’t want to allow your business to be stolen from any longer if this is the case, but you don’t want to accuse an innocent person of something that they didn’t do, either. Someone who specializes in
forensic accounting in Atlanta GA, can look through your financial records and help you find out the truth. They can also help you determine approximately how much money might have been stolen, how the money was stolen, and more.

Gather Evidence

If you are the victim of employee theft, you are probably planning on taking action against the person who stole from your company. You might find that law enforcement and the court system will be a lot more successful if they have evidence. If you work with a forensic accountant, they can gather this evidence, and you can present it to law enforcement when you make your complaint.

If you think you and your business have been the target of employee theft, it’s important to take action. Contact us at Fricke & Associates, LLC at to find out more about our forensic accounting services.

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