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An Experienced Tax Consultant in Atlanta, GA, Helps With Anything Related to Paying Taxes

A good tax accountant can help with so much more than just filing your taxes every year. In fact, if you’re trying to pay fewer taxes, file business taxes, or even get help saving for retirement, a good tax consultant in Atlanta, GA, can help. If you’re a business-owner, you may need them to help you submit the paperwork that is required of many businesses each and every month. Whatever you need from these consultants, they are there to accommodate you.

All Types of Services Are Offered

A good tax consultant in Atlanta GA, can help you save on your taxes, remember to file the needed documents whenever it is required, assist you when you discover you’re being audited, and even help you increase the odds that you’ll never be audited in the first place. They can help you save money month after month and help you as a business-owner as you work hard to make sure your business grows and thrives from this point forward.

Let the Experts Save You Money

Everyone wants to save money, but we all owe the government taxes every April. The good news is, you can start to pay less in taxes every year once you find an experienced tax consultant in Atlanta, GA, who knows just how to help. They are trained in this specific area of accounting and therefore can personalize their services so that you get the advice and assistance you need to save you money starting sooner and not later.

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How a Forensic Accountant in Atlanta Can Help If You Suspect Employee Theft

You’re supposed to be able to trust the employees who work for your company. You might have even performed extensive background checks and screening on your employees to determine if they had criminal records and if they seemed responsible. Despite this, however, you might be worried that you and your business have been victimized by employee theft. If this is a concern, hiring a financial professional who specializes in forensic accounting is probably a good idea. These are a few reasons why.

Determine If Your Suspicions Are Correct

You might suspect that employee theft has been happening, but you might not be sure yet. Of course, it’s important for you to find out for sure. After all, you don’t want to allow your business to be stolen from any longer if this is the case, but you don’t want to accuse an innocent person of something that they didn’t do, either. Someone who specializes in
forensic accounting in Atlanta GA, can look through your financial records and help you find out the truth. They can also help you determine approximately how much money might have been stolen, how the money was stolen, and more.

Gather Evidence

If you are the victim of employee theft, you are probably planning on taking action against the person who stole from your company. You might find that law enforcement and the court system will be a lot more successful if they have evidence. If you work with a forensic accountant, they can gather this evidence, and you can present it to law enforcement when you make your complaint.

If you think you and your business have been the target of employee theft, it’s important to take action. Contact us at Fricke & Associates, LLC at to find out more about our forensic accounting services.

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Why It Is Beneficial to Work With Tax Professionals in Atlanta, GA

As a small business owner or an individual, you may be thinking about doing tax preparation on your own.

Here are the top benefits you could experience by using professional tax services.

It is been estimated that it takes anywhere from 16 to 22 hours for a person to complete their tax return on their own. It takes even longer for a small business owner to accomplish this task. It involves keeping records, organizing paperwork and receipts, and completing forms. Working with a company that offers tax services will save you time.

Working with a company that offers professional tax services near Atlanta GA, will also save you money. They can identify the best credits and deductions for your circumstances. You may not even be aware of some of the options that exist for you. They live and breathe taxes, which means they know how to help you save money and provide tips on how to save in coming years.

When you do your taxes on your own, you constantly wonder if you are doing things right. When you work with professionals, you can have confidence knowing that your return will be accurate. Since they will reduce the risk of errors, this means you are not as likely to receive an audit. They will ensure that all forms are signed and that there are no math errors.

Learn how the mission at Fricke & Associates, LLC is to be their client’s most trusted business advisor and create value through accounting, tax, and professional consulting services by visiting their website.

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