Aluminum Suppliers Provide Superb Products and Precision Sawing

Aluminum is a widely used material that finds its application in an extensive range of light and heavy industry projects. Aluminum products are of high quality when provided directly through experienced aluminum suppliers in the industry.

Professionals in the industry understand what it takes to create shapes and products that comply with your specific project requirements and specifications. They understand what it takes to provide attention to detail and accommodate your requirements in terms of alloys, and tolerances. These professionals can help you obtain the aluminum products you need to ensure you achieve success with your projects and applications.

Quality Aluminum Products

Aluminum suppliers distribute their products to various industries, businesses, and organizations. Consulting with professionals in the industry is essential when making an aluminum product purchase. These professionals have extensive knowledge and background to help identify particular products you need for a specific purpose or application.

You are evaluating aluminum suppliers, it is important to take note of those suppliers with a strong reputation in the industry for delivering high-quality product on schedule. These companies should be able to help you through the purchasing process to ensure you obtain the exact products you need for your application.

With an experienced aluminum supplier, you can gain access to an array of stock inventory that can help fulfill your project requirements. A number of options may be available to you, including aluminum jig plate, cast aluminum, and tooling products. As well, you may have access to bar stock options that come in various diameters. Custom aluminum products are also available through suppliers that can accommodate the sizes, shapes, and alloys you need.

Precision Sawing

A leader in the aluminum industry can provide you with supplies that are dependable and produce the results you require. Products that have the necessary precision dimensions you need will likely produce the best results on your behalf. An experienced aluminum extrusion company will have the know-how necessary to conduct high quality precision sawing operations to help you obtain the products you need without compromising on accuracy and precision.

If you are ready to get started obtaining the aluminum products and services you need, contact a reliable aluminum supplier today.

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The Many Industries Using Aluminum Tool And Jig Plate

There are some types of materials used in specific applications that come to become known for that specific use. A good example of this is aluminum tool and jig plate, which may seem like this specific type of plate has a limited scope of use.

In fact, aluminum tool and jig plate are used for a lot more than the manufacturing of tools and jigs. The specific qualities, properties, and characteristics that make it ideal for tool and jig manufacturing also make it a perfect match for a wide range of different industrial, fabrication and manufacturing applications.

A Quick Overview

Cast tool and jig plate are manufactured to have very little internal stress and high levels of dimensional stability. This means that the plate can be created to very high, precise tolerances for flatness.

At the same time, this also means that working the plate through any type of machining process will not impact the plate and cause it to have internal stress and instability. The result is a plate that will remain flat even during the machining process as well as after.

The plate will also be precision sawed to allow for very tight tolerances on all edges. The thickness and the surface of the plate are precise, eliminating the need for further types of work that would be required for other types of aluminum plate.

The Uses

You will find aluminum tool and jig plate used outside of the tool and jig industry in electronics, in the printing industries, to create food processing machines and automated packaging systems as well as in robotic prototypes and production.

Fabricators and manufacturers will also use this in building parts for machines and to make molds that can be very precise on their edges, walls, and shapes for simple to complex part production.

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The Practical Side Of Working With Tslot Aluminum

There are many different ways to use Tslot, which may also be called T-slot aluminum, in a range of different projects, fabrications and even in simple and complex frames and fixtures.

This is an extrusion, which means it is formed by using pressure to force semi-melted aluminum through a die. This creates a four-sided shape that appears to just have the corners in place connected by diagonal elements crossing through the center. This extrusion gets its name from the inverted T shape that each of the four sides make, allowing easy connections and fabrication without the need for welding and multiple fastener.

It is also possible to have many different profiles, or shapes, in this type of extrusion. They can be customized to meet specific sizes and shape requirements if needed, but there are so many standard profiles it may be easier and less costly to use a standard option rather than choosing a custom extrusion.

Easy to Use

With Tslot, it is possible to simply slide other connecting pieces or elements into the shape. They can be moved along the length of the piece and all will be compatible with any components designed for the same size and type of profile.

This makes expanding or changing a display, frame or fabrication very simple. With many designs using this extrusion the use of permanent holes through drilling is not required, which keeps components looking new and not as if they are salvaged from other projects.

This is perfect for any type of modular designs. It is often used for displays and racking when flexibility combined with durability is required.

Finishes Available

There are many different finishing possibilities available with Tslot, which is another reason it is a popular choice in retail display and storage needs. It can be anodized in black or white, but there are also beautiful, rich colors that can be customized to meet any décor requirements.

Additionally, the material can be powder coated, which is often used when the aluminum will be used in specific types of environments. The powder coating and painting combination provides additional surface protection while adding a custom looking.

Of course, the aluminum can also be left natural in a mill finish or a brushed finish. This gives a unique look that is a bit retro while also very minimal and upscale. Practical, reliable and easy to work with, this extrusion is the go-to option for a wide range of applications and projects.

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Use an Aluminum French Cleat to Hang Practically Anything

With an aluminum French cleat, it is truly possible to hang just about anything, such as wall signs, decorative panels, wall art, cabinets and much more. This handy hardware is available in a wide variety of lengths, which makes it capable of accommodating the majority of your mounting and hanging needs. You will be amazed when you realize the many different uses for a French cleat hanger.

Light Duty

With a simple pair of light duty French cleats, lightweight items like signs and wall art can be mounted with the greatest of ease. These pairs come in length sizes that range from two to eight inches. These hangers are easy to install with simple screws.

Once you have installed the cleats in your desired location, all you have to do is slide one cleat into the other and you have an excellent hidden mounting system. Just remember that when you purchase your cleat hangers, choose a size that matches at least 75% the width of the item that you wish to hang.

Medium Duty

When you need to hang items that weigh slightly more, such as larger signs or decorative panels, then the aluminum French cleat you need will be medium duty. This size cleat is designed for use with heavier items. Before you start, it is important to make certain that the surface where you plan to mount the item is strong enough to support it and that the hardware you choose is right for the job.

Attach one cleat to the wall and attach the other cleat to the back of the item that you intend to hang. When attached, slide the hangers together and the mounting system will be hidden.

Heavy Duty

Finally, when you need to hang larger items to a secure surface, such as stucco or brick, you will need a heavy duty aluminum French cleat. This size is designed for the heavier, large items and are available in sizes from two inches all the way up to eight feet. As with all other cleats, you will want to choose a size that measures at least 75% of the width of the item that you want to hang.

When you are planning to use French cleats to mount an item on your walls, it is crucial that you consider the weight and size of that item. Keep in mind that the type of surface that you will be mounting to will also affect the type of cleats that you should use.

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Industry Specific Aluminum Extrusion Shapes

Different types of industries and applications require a range of different types of aluminum extrusion shapes. Of course, some shapes are used throughout different industries and applications, with these often becoming known as stock aluminum extrusions.

There are several important factors that make specific aluminum extrusion shapes more applicable to different industries. In some situations, the shape is designed to provide structural stability, such as a rod or bar.

These standard shapes can include a bar that is square, round or flat. There is also an aluminum rectangular bar, which is used throughout many different fabrication and manufacturing processes. These basic shapes can be further machined or worked to create more elaborate shapes.


It is possible to create different hollow shapes that are used in a range of different manufacturing in the aerospace, aeronautics and the military and defense industries. These same shapes are also used in construction and manufacturing of everything from trailers and boats to camping gear and sporting goods.

Hollow stock extrusions include tubes, squares and rectangles. There is also the option to have structural pipe, which is different from a tube, as a standard option for many aluminum uses.


Channel is used in construction, fabrication and design. It is also used in the creation of vehicles, trucks and trailers as well as marine vessels. It is a strong structural component and different alloys will provide high strength to weight ratios as well as different levels of corrosion resistance.

Channel comes with a range of different types of corners and interior channel shapes. The two most common are structural channel, which has a more sloped interior shape and the square corner channel. These are considered stock or standard aluminum extrusion shapes and are readily available through most metal and aluminum suppliers.


Aluminum beams are used in construction as they are strong, durable and non-flammable. The two most common shapes of beams are the I-beam and the H-beam. These are named due to the shape they create when viewed in profile.

The I-beam has 90-degree internal angles and looks like a capital “I” when turned on one end. The H-beam has a more tapered or graduated angle at the four internal corners, creating the look of a capital H when viewed on its side.

There are also angles that are made from aluminum that are used in construction and fabrication as well as aerospace and automotive design. These are also readily available in a wide range of standard sizes and designs.

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6061 T6 or 7075 T6 Aluminum – Which One Should You Choose?

Aluminum is one of the most versatile metals used in industry today. Because of its many properties it can be used in thousands of commercial and residential applications. Two of the most popular alloys are 6061 T6 and 7075 T6 aluminum. In fact, it can sometimes be difficult to decide upon which alloy is best for your needs. Here is important information to help you make an informed decision.

Alloy Metals

To create either 6061or 7075 T6 aluminum, certain metals are combined. Here are the main components of each metal.

6061 and 7075 Alloy Metals

  • Magnesium
  • Silicon
  • Iron
  • Titanium
  • Copper
  • Chromium
  • Manganese

As you can see, there is no difference between the two aluminum alloys (when it comes to metals used). However, the difference does not lie in the materials but in the percentage of each metal used in the process. For example, 6061 contains about 1 percent magnesium and 7075 can have as much as 2.9 percent. Differences like these make all the difference in the world.

What Does T6 Mean?

You might see 7075 0 and 7075 T6 aluminum and wonder what the difference is. The numbers or letters after the 6061o r 7075 denote how the metal was tempered. “0” means the aluminum alloy has not been heat treated. Aluminum is highly resistant to corrosion and strong. However, heat treating can increase aluminum alloys’ properties.


To obtain 7075 T6 aluminum the alloy is heat treated to 840 F (450 C) for a few hours. It is then quenched and kept at 250 F (120 C) for an entire 24 hours. This greatly increases 7075’s strength.

6061 is also heat treated to create 6061 T6 aluminum and this makes 6061 a lot stronger than standard untreated 6061.

Properties of 6061 and 7075 T6 Aluminum

Here are reasons to choose these alloys.


  • Med – high in strength
  • Can be welded
  • Workable
  • Corrosion resistance


  • Very high strength
  • Not usually welded because micro cracks may form
  • Resistant to stress and fatigue
  • Workable
  • Resistant to corrosion

Comparing 6061 T6 to 7075 T6 Aluminum

When you compare these two alloys, you’ll see 7075 T6 is the strongest choice and if you want the most resistance to wear and tear, 7075 is the best alloy. However, you might need to weld your aluminum and since 6061 lends itself to welding it is the better choice. If cost is a major concern, 6061 T6 is much cheaper than 7075 T6 aluminum.

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