The Practical Side Of Working With Tslot Aluminum

by | Jan 10, 2017 | Aluminum

There are many different ways to use Tslot, which may also be called T-slot aluminum, in a range of different projects, fabrications and even in simple and complex frames and fixtures.

This is an extrusion, which means it is formed by using pressure to force semi-melted aluminum through a die. This creates a four-sided shape that appears to just have the corners in place connected by diagonal elements crossing through the center. This extrusion gets its name from the inverted T shape that each of the four sides make, allowing easy connections and fabrication without the need for welding and multiple fastener.

It is also possible to have many different profiles, or shapes, in this type of extrusion. They can be customized to meet specific sizes and shape requirements if needed, but there are so many standard profiles it may be easier and less costly to use a standard option rather than choosing a custom extrusion.

Easy to Use

With Tslot, it is possible to simply slide other connecting pieces or elements into the shape. They can be moved along the length of the piece and all will be compatible with any components designed for the same size and type of profile.

This makes expanding or changing a display, frame or fabrication very simple. With many designs using this extrusion the use of permanent holes through drilling is not required, which keeps components looking new and not as if they are salvaged from other projects.

This is perfect for any type of modular designs. It is often used for displays and racking when flexibility combined with durability is required.

Finishes Available

There are many different finishing possibilities available with Tslot, which is another reason it is a popular choice in retail display and storage needs. It can be anodized in black or white, but there are also beautiful, rich colors that can be customized to meet any décor requirements.

Additionally, the material can be powder coated, which is often used when the aluminum will be used in specific types of environments. The powder coating and painting combination provides additional surface protection while adding a custom looking.

Of course, the aluminum can also be left natural in a mill finish or a brushed finish. This gives a unique look that is a bit retro while also very minimal and upscale. Practical, reliable and easy to work with, this extrusion is the go-to option for a wide range of applications and projects.

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