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Get CPR Training in Illinois for Your Team

Posted by , on Oct, 2019

Are you thinking about starting a safety program within your organization? Whether you operate a business or a private organization or club, it helps to know that someone in that organization is ready to go to provide emergency care, should there be any need for it. With CPR training in Illinois, you can empower your team to take action as soon as they need to in the hopes of protecting lives. But where do you get started? CPR Is a Good Starting Point Any type of safety program you are considering needs to focus on CRP as a first step. It is one of the most important safety measures that a person can take to help a person who suffers a heart attack or otherwise becomes unable to move and care for themselves. When you get CPR training in Illinois, you can work closely with a team that can help to support these needs. They will learn how to properly provide this service, including when to do so, how to help in the meantime when help is on the way, and how to save a life. What Else Should You Consider? It is important to consider advance training for safety. This means helping your team to know how to handle chemical burns. It may include helping them to learn how to use an automatic external, or AED. They should be able to help with managing accidents and handling blood at work. It is always a good idea to work with a team that can support you with a learn comprehensive safety response. When you get CPR training in Illinois for your team you are taking a step to help your employees. You are also empowering people to know what to do when the worst situation arrives. That is a powerful tool to provide. Be the first to...

Fire Pump Testing Services and the Pumps Available

Posted by , on Oct, 2018

The fire equipment company with decades of experience handling fire safety issues for customers will also have knowledge is a concerns fire pumps and fire pump testing. Fire pump inspection and testing services can help ensure that you have the necessary water supply you need when a fire emergency occurs. The Necessity of a Fire Pump When the local water system does not supply a sufficient amount of water pressure to adequately power a sprinkler system, it is necessary to install fire pump. When there are high elevations involved, pressure losses and issue such as occurs in very tall high-rise buildings. A stronger level of water pressure is also required in large volumes for certain types of buildings such as storage warehouses. Pumps are also necessary when the water source comes from a tank at ground level. Fire pump testing services can help ensure any fire pump system has functioning properly. Fire Pump Operation An electric motor, diesel engine, or in less common cases a steam turbine can power a water pump. Building codes may mandate that a fire pump has a distinct power source. In this case a transfer switch can be connected to the electrical pump in order that an emergency generator is available for use to power the pump. Fire Pump Types Whenever the pressure in a fire sprinkler system falls below a certain level, pumps are supposed to turn on. This drop in pressure can take place when the sprinklers detect heat at certain temperatures that then releases the water. Pressure drop can also result from the opening of other connections pertaining to firefighting. It is vital that fire pump testing services look at these and other potential problems connected to the proper operation of the fire pump system. Some of the different types of pumps available for use in a fire protection system include horizontal and vertical split case, and section, vertical in-line and vertical turbine, and jockey pump. It is important for the fire equipment company you hire to follow proper regulations and standards relevant to the state of Illinois. These include the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) Standard for the Installation of Stationary Fire Pumps for Fire Protection. To learn more about your fire protection options, contact an experienced fire protection company today. Be the first to like. Like...

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