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How to Find the Best Deals on Used Harleys in Pittsburgh

The freedom of riding down the open road on a classic American bike like a Harley is a dream of many people. The iconic motorcycle brand has changed a lot since its first model was made available in 1903. The company has sold around a quarter million bikes each year for the last 20 years. This means there are a lot of quality Used Harleys in Pittsburgh still available for those that want to live the dream without emptying their bank account.

Choose a Model

Once the decision to purchase a used Harley is made it is important to consider what years and models are the most appealing. It is a good idea to become familiar with what models were considered the best and what ones were known for having some issues. The next step is to decide on a budget and narrow down the options to the ones that fit the budget and meet design and quality standards.

Shop for Deals

Visit a dealership to see what is available. Many people prefer to buy directly from the owner in an attempt to save money but there are a number of reasons to avoid this. Dealer models have been serviced and carefully inspected. Reputable dealers only offer solid machines because their reputation is on the line. A purchase from them will mean the VIN has been checked as well. When purchasing from an owner there is no guarantee that it is in the shape they promise. Test drives are usually not allowed and the buyer will need to pay a mechanic to inspect it for them before the purchase.

Make the Purchase

Used Harleys in Pittsburgh purchased through a dealer are also available for financing. This means that the dream does not end if the perfect motorcycle costs a little more than initially intended. Financing may add some additional cost but the depreciation rate on used motorcycles is much lower than new models. This means that even with the added cost it is still possible to get more of the purchase price returned when a well-maintained motorcycle is traded or sold down the road.

Browse our website to see the huge inventory of high-quality Harleys currently for sale. Purchasing a used Harley from a genuine Harley dealership makes it possible to get great deals from experts and have access to all of the parts and latest accessories available today.

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