4 Reasons to Outsource Custom Powder Coating in Grand Rapids

Do you need to protect your metal components or parts from moisture and corrosion? You can paint or galvanize parts, but you enjoy a lot of benefits when you powder coat. However, you may want to check into the advantages of outsourcing custom powder coating in Grand Rapids. Here are important reasons to consider outsourced companies.

  1. Production Costs

Installing a custom powder coating system in Grand Rapids may be beyond your budget. Materials and equipment are expensive, and you have to train people too. Yet, when you outsource this finishing method, you save start-up and training costs.

2. Production Control

It is often hard to predict how many parts you can finish each day. Production may be affected by equipment breaking down, weather, or employee absenteeism. If you choose to outsource your finishing to a trusted company, you can accurately predict how many parts you can get finished each day.

3.  Employee Costs

When someone calls in sick, you have to replace him or her or suffer downtime. You also must deal with costs like overtime pay, vacations, and worker compensation issues. By outsourcing your custom powder coating services in Grand Rapids, you eliminate the costs and headaches from employee issues. Outsourced workers are not your responsibility, and this strategy can greatly reduce your employee costs.

4. Rush or Urgent Orders

What happens if one of your best customers needs several hundred parts finished within a few days? If your production is already planned, you may have to make special arrangements to meet the needs of your important customer. This may mean getting orders to other customers late, and it is not a good business practice. When you outsource this work to a proven powder coating service, your current production schedule stays the same, and you can satisfy all (not just some) of your customers.

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