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Tips for Tree Trimming in Marlboro, NJ

Trimming the trees and pruning the hedges is an important part of landscaping maintenance that you need to carry out after every few months. Most people don’t take landscaping maintenance seriously, and end up with a garden that looks like a jungle. If you are not careful, it won’t take long before your garden is infested with pests and insects that will eventually find their way into your house. Tree trimming in Marlboro, NJ is a common service that’s offered by a number of local companies. Here are a few tips for tree trimming that you should keep in mind.

Don’t Attempt it Yourself

To properly trim the trees, you will need to get up to a higher elevation and then start pruning the branches. Naturally, this is not a comfortable job for most people. If you are physically unfit to take the risk, it’s best if you call a landscaping company. There are a number of companies throughout Marlboro that you can contact if you want to trim the trees. It’s recommended that you contact a reliable business like Barrett Tree Service to get the job done.

Regular Trimming

The ideal thing to do is to set a schedule with local companies that offer tree trimming services. They are going to make sure that the trees are trimmed on time and will visit your place after every couple of months to do the job. It’s generally a pretty affordable solution for people who want to keep their trees in prime condition. These are just a few things that you should know about trimming the trees in your garden. Make sure you don’t let them overgrow, otherwise they might get infested!

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Key Benefits to Adding Patio Covers in The Colony

You love spending time outdoors, but you also recognize that the heat in this area can be a problem. That, or the wind and the rain, can all ruin your plans to spend time outdoors. If you invest in patio covers in The Colony, though, you can get more use out of your patio and benefit in a few additional ways as well. If you are looking for a way to spend more time outside, this is the route to take in nearly all situations.

Enjoy the Outdoors More Often

We all know the risks of sun exposure. With patio covers in The Colony, you can take in more of that Texas summer weather without having to expose your skin to UV rays. Though you still should wear some type of skin protection, this is one way to be able to spend more time outdoors without direct sunlight. That is especially good for kids who can be especially at risk for sun poisoning.

Entertain with Ease

With patio covers, you do not have to worry about having everyone in your home whenever you host an event. Rather, they can spread out into the outdoor area. This allows you to host more events without feeling crowded. With a cover, you do not have to worry about your guests feeling uncomfortable.

Boost Your Property’s Value

Another benefit to covers is that it can improve your home’s value. Home buyers want outdoor spaces that are easy to use. Having a patio cover makes that possible more often in this area.

With patio covers in The Colony being so versatile, there is no doubt this is an excellent investment for you to make. You have lots of options in styles to consider, to make your space one of a kind.

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We Remove Trees

Trees add beauty and value to your property. However, they can become damaged or diseased due to pests, soil problems, moisture problems, lightning strikes and more. A damaged or diseased tree puts human lives and property at risk. A diseased tree is easily uprooted, and a moderate wind could take it down unexpectedly. If a damaged or diseased tree is located close to a house, driveway, sidewalk, parking lot or street, people could be injured and items could be damaged.

We evaluate trees that you believe are damaged or diseased. Our arborist can provide you with information about the tree’s health status. If we determine that the tree is a risk to human lives or property, we will recommend tree removal. Our arborists and technicians offer tree removal service Peachtree City GA in order to give you peace of mind.

Each member of our team works with utmost care. We are licensed and insured for removing trees. Our crew arrives with the necessary safety and tree removal equipment to do the job. We also bring a wood chipper to the site in order to handle the branches. If you would like the wood from the tree, just let us know. When we complete a tree removal service, we clean the area and remove any branches and leaves that have fallen off of the tree during the cutting, removal and hauling processes.

Instead of putting yourself, family, neighbors and property at risk, turn to us at 770-Tree-Guy. Our tree removal service Peachtree City GA improves the safety of your residential or commercial property. Give us a call today in order to schedule an evaluation and estimate for our tree removal services. You may also visit us online at http://770treeguy.com/ for more details about our arborists and the services that we provide.

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What You Should Know About Landscaping

Whether you are a do-it-yourself person or like to hire professionals, there are a few things you should know about landscaping before making any decisions. Once you understand it a little better, you can decide what you want to do and what you wish to leave to the professionals. You can also decide what to have done, explaining it well to the landscaper, so they have a good idea of what you want.


Consider choosing plants that are native to the area. They will be the best options for growth, and you may find that they need little maintenance, other than watering now and then. They will also work best with your climate and humidity levels, making them a perfect option.


Find out what’s already on your property before making any decisions. Some things can be used while others may need to be removed. For example, dead trees or those that could fall should be removed before adding anything else. Otherwise, you run the risk of ruining your newly planted items.


Having an idea of what you want and where you want it will help when you purchase the items or hire someone. If you can’t draw or sketch well, consider using your Paint document on the computer, finding pictures online to print and glue to a piece of paper or some other method. Visual aids can help you and the professionals.

High-quality Products

It can be tempting to go with the cheapest options, but make sure you use quality products. Some of the cheap plants haven’t been watered and may be on the verge of dying. Poor quality soil may not provide the nutrients your flowers/plants need and may cause them to die or develop diseases.


Whether you have a garden or just want to add a little colour to the area, make sure you include something that moves. Moving elements can prevent the landscape from being boring or stiff. You don’t have to go overboard, as simple swaying grasses or bright flowers could work. The flowers will attract birds, giving you a “free” movement feature. You can also opt for more expensive choices, such as a fountain.

Rain Water

Using rain barrels can help you save money on watering the yard and plants, and can also add aesthetic appeal. It can be more environmentally-friendly and help your wallet at the same time.

Learning what you should know about Landscaping in Longmont CO will make it easier to complete any project, whether you DIY or hire it out.

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4 Ways to Better Landscape Lighting

Light changes space and mood. Bright lights in the office can encourage productivity in work spaces while dim lights can make for a gloomy ambiance. Colored lights, on the other hand, often seem to generate a happier mood, says the Daily Peak. If you’re shopping around for LED landscape lighting, picking the right kind can make all the difference in the mood and ambiance you want for your garden or porch.

Assess your current lighting

What type of lighting system do you have in your outdoor space now? If all you want is a bit more brightness, then maybe simply changing the bulb will do the trick.

Think about what you want

Tired of your lights, though? What features would you like to change? What would you like to see now? Maybe you want to add wall led lights or maybe directional lights to cast a bright line on your garden paths when it’s night and you entertain guests in your garden.

Go for an upgrade

If your lighting is now more than 10 years old or even older, replacing it with a new one is an easy way to upgrade the area. Different kinds of lights—whether you want directional flood lights or wall lights—are hugely available in many types, styles and designs. If you want an upgrade, you won’t run into problems finding one that best fits your needs and your home’s personality.

Look for reliability

One thing you shouldn’t forget when you shop for LED landscape lighting is to look for reliable providers. Don’t buy your lights from just anywhere. Want quality solutions that will last? Look for providers with a reputation for reliability and high-quality products. That way, you know you’re getting your money’s worth every single time you put in an order for a LED light or two.

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Do Your Garden Shrubs in Holmdel, NJ Need Shaping?

Most homeowners know the advantages of pruning shrubbery. Not only do the plants thrive but they often display bigger blooms. However, they are often ill-equipped to take on the task themselves. When it comes to this type of activity, it is better to call out a professional.

Why You Should Have Your Plants Trimmed and Pruned by Professionals

Having your garden shrubs in Holmdel, NJ shaped and pruned by an expert is the best way to ensure their overall health and attractiveness. Tree trimming and shrub pruning professionals know how to time it so that your plants receive pruning at the right times of the year.

For example, garden shrubs that display blooms on new branches that grow in the spring and flower in summer should be trimmed and pruned at the end of February or in early March. While taking this approach results in fewer blooms, the flowers that grow will be larger. That is because pruning allocates more energy among fewer buds, which enables the ones that are left to receive more nourishment.

Making Selective Cuts

When garden shrubs are pruned and shaped, selective cuts need to be made. That is why, again, many people leave this type of work to tree trimming professionals. Selective cutting allows a pruned and shaped shrub to grow more hardily while the less vital wood is removed. When cuts are made properly, they will heal faster as well.

If cuts are not made correctly, rotting can occur, which can defeat the purpose of the activity. In addition, if a cut is made too low, the buds on the plant can dry out. If the cut it made at too wide an angle, the surface area will be slower to heal, which can also be an invitation for disease.

Make the decision to enliven the looks of your plants by calling on the services of professionals in the tree trimming field.

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Reasons to Enjoy Window Blinds in Bradenton, FL

Keeping a home safe and secure is something that every homeowner considers top priority but smaller details can be forgotten. Window blinds are one consideration that many homeowners completely forget to consider when they move into new homes or make renovations. However, there are many benefits associated with blinds and they can be enjoyed throughout the year in a variety of ways.


One of the biggest benefits offered by window blinds in Bradenton, FL is the fact that they can be shut at any time to completely block the view into a person’s home. Whether you want to keep nosy neighbors at bay or just feel more comfortable when your children are home alone, the right companies offer blinds of various sizes and styles to ensure total privacy. Blinds & Designs are one such company and you can choose a type of blind that matches even the most complex of personal tastes.

Natural Light Control

One way to cut down on energy consumption is to let in natural light during the day rather than turning on your electric lights. Window blinds allow you to open and shut them at your leisure to allow the sun inside your home whenever you please. The ability to open them only partially makes it possible to allow sun in without completely opening your home up to wandering eyes. This way, you can enjoy plenty of privacy without having to spend extra money just to keep your home lit during the day.

Block Intruding Light

Often in urban settings, streetlights outside intrude on a home and make it difficult to enjoy a full night of sleep. By installing blinds in your bedroom, you can shut the outside world away and enjoy a darker and more relaxing environment in which to sleep. The right companies will offer gorgeous functional blinds that suit your style and stay within your budget. View website for more info.

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The Basic Operation Of A Humidity Controller

In many different industries, including in greenhouses and other types of operations, the use of a humidity controller is essential. These devices are very similar to a thermostat except they are designed to register and react to the humidity in the air and not the temperature.

However, there is a connection between temperature and humidity. As the temperature of air heats up or increases, the air becomes capable of holding more water vapor. This is something people experience on hot, humid summer days that is simply not duplicated when temperatures are lower at other times of the year.

Area to Monitor

All humidity controller models will be used for specific amounts of space or the area for the misting system. Most are designed as single zone controllers, but there are more extensive and sophisticated systems that are used to control multiple zones.

Each zone will have a sensor that detects the specific humidity in that area. This reading is then converted to an electronic signal that is sent to the main controller unit. If the data indicates the humidity is lower is than the pre-set range the controller turns on the misting system automatically.

When the reading from the remote sensor or the unit in a single zone system registers the humidity above the pre-set limit, the misting system is turned off. Systems can be very sophisticated with a range of different programmable features to manage a complete building, greenhouse or facility.

Complex Control

With the link between temperature and humidity, many of the humidity controller systems are designed to complete dual measurements. This allows easy control of both temperature and humidity from the same system.

Not only does this save the costs of having to install two sets of remote sensors and systems, but it also increases accuracy and efficiency, both important factors to consider.

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Tents for Parties – Create an Effective Business Gathering

Businesses often hold various types of events, whether it involves just a casual gathering of employees and their family members or a more formal business function. In either case, tents for parties are perfect for holding the venue in an outdoor setting.

Tent Characteristics

These party tents are designed to serve a large number of people at once. There are various sizes available of course based on your particular needs, i.e. number of guests and required storage space for items and equipment, etc. Tents for parties are often made from canvas or plastic. They are anchored to the ground using stakes or pegs. These tents are designed to be strong enough to withstand certain wind force levels, as well as keep guests and attendees protected from the hot sun and rain. Poles are involved in the construction and installation of these tents as well. The structure of the tents is kept in place through the fabric tension as well as the tension present in ropes or wire.

Tent Options

These tents for parties vary in shape, size, color and style. Many are adjustable for height and they provide plenty of standing room. Some models are enclosed, while other have sides which are removable. Some also do not have sides. As with any structure in which persons reside, it is necessary to have proper exits available in case of an emergency.


One of the most important reasons for using a tent for such a gathering is to protect guests from the weather and allow them to be comfortable. The elements from which a party tent can protect, include ultraviolet light from the sun, strong winds and water from rain showers. Guests will still be able to enjoy the weather in an outdoor setting, yet remain protected by the tent’s structure.

Prior to purchasing one or more tents for parties, several key features should be evaluated to make sure they are included, such as degree of weather proofing (ultraviolet rays, waterproofing of the material, etc.), warranty, quality of the tent materials, fire resistance of the tent material and availability of replacement parts.

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Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons: Positively Affecting Driver Behavior

Speeding is dangerous. It negatively effects the ability of a driver to operate his or her vehicle safely in many ways and certainly threatens the lives of any pedestrian entering a crosswalk. One way traffic specialists and behaviorists are employing to get cars and other vehicles to slow down are by installing rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFBs). These are said to be more effective than other signage.

What Is a Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon?

A rectangular rapid flashing beacon (RRFB) is a signal head of high intensity formed in a rectangle. It is also known by 4 other names:

1. Light Emitting Diode (LED)
2. Rapid-Flash System
3. Stutter Flash
4. LED Beacons

The light – a high-intensity, light-emitting diode (LED), within the RRFB flashes in a rapid, irregular flickering pattern. The signals alternate delivering extremely bright focused amber light in a configuration similar to those emitted by the emergency flashers of police emergency vehicles.
Operation of RRFBs is simple. These are user-activated devices. A pedestrian can push a button to activate it – one of the most common ways. Alternatively, sensors can activate the system. Various options are available depending upon who manufactures the system. The operating device selection also has other passive means to engage rectangular rapid flashing beacons.

Advantages of RRFBs

RRFBs provide traffic regulators and agencies with diverse advantages. Many of these are confirmed by research conducted across the United States in Texas, Virginia, New York, Florida, Illinois and DC over the past 10 years. Studies performed in the years between 2007 and 2016 clearly indicate the effectiveness of reducing the speed of drivers when they approach a pedestrian crosswalk. A study, done in Texas in 2015, found RRFBs to be very effective in improving the yield rate of drivers to pedestrians at the designated sites. In fact, the installations resulted in increases ranging from 35 to 80 percentage points.

This is the most important advantage of employing RRFBs. However, it is not the only one. These traffic safety devices:

* Act as a low cost alternative to traditional traffic and hybrid signals

* Increase the efficacy of other methods, e.g. signage, to reduce speed and watch for pedestrians or other traffic issues

When everything is taken into consideration, RRFBs save lives while reducing the overall costs of the installation of traffic safety devices.

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons

RRFBs are still a relatively new traffic safety device. However, they are, gaining a reputation for being an effective and efficient means of getting drivers to slow down and yield to pedestrians. As an inexpensive alternative to traditional lights and signage, rectangular rapid flashing beacons are providing school boards and traffic agencies the means of helping to save lives.

Since 1968, Electrotechnics* Corporation (ELTEC) has manufactured various products designed to improve the overall safety of both children and adults. From a programmable network clock to a Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons to solar power warning lights, they have always devoted their experience to producing high quality but affordable items capable of running on solar and/or A/C. To learn more about their unique environmentally friendly solutions, visit “website URL”

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