The Many Industries Using Aluminum Tool And Jig Plate

There are some types of materials used in specific applications that come to become known for that specific use. A good example of this is aluminum tool and jig plate, which may seem like this specific type of plate has a limited scope of use.

In fact, aluminum tool and jig plate are used for a lot more than the manufacturing of tools and jigs. The specific qualities, properties, and characteristics that make it ideal for tool and jig manufacturing also make it a perfect match for a wide range of different industrial, fabrication and manufacturing applications.

A Quick Overview

Cast tool and jig plate are manufactured to have very little internal stress and high levels of dimensional stability. This means that the plate can be created to very high, precise tolerances for flatness.

At the same time, this also means that working the plate through any type of machining process will not impact the plate and cause it to have internal stress and instability. The result is a plate that will remain flat even during the machining process as well as after.

The plate will also be precision sawed to allow for very tight tolerances on all edges. The thickness and the surface of the plate are precise, eliminating the need for further types of work that would be required for other types of aluminum plate.

The Uses

You will find aluminum tool and jig plate used outside of the tool and jig industry in electronics, in the printing industries, to create food processing machines and automated packaging systems as well as in robotic prototypes and production.

Fabricators and manufacturers will also use this in building parts for machines and to make molds that can be very precise on their edges, walls, and shapes for simple to complex part production.

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