Medical Malpractice Basics

by | May 25, 2017 | Law Services

If, during your confinement in a hospital you are inured, you can hire medical malpractice lawyers in Chicago and sue the hospital for negligence. Hospitals are usually cited as the defendant if the injury was caused by an incompetent act carried out by an employee; a nurse, med tech, etc. As doctors are independent practitioners hospitals are rarely responsible for any malpractice on their part, you lawyer will sue them directly.

The basic requirements for a malpractice claim to exist:

To prove that there actually is a case of medical malpractice you medical malpractice lawyers in Chicago will have to show a number of things, including:

Relationship: Before a doctor can be sued for malpractice it must be shown that there was a relationship between you and the doctor, in other words you have to prove that you hired the doctor and the doctor agreed to be hired. This relationship is reasonably easy to prove, if any problems arise it is usually when your doctor did not treat you directly.

Negligence: You might not be happy with the outcome of your medical procedure but that does not mean that your doctor acted negligently and as such, liable to be sued for medical malpractice. To successfully sue for malpractice your medical malpractice lawyers in Chicago will have to prove that your doctor failed to provide the care that a competent doctor would have provided under identical circumstances. It’s not necessary for the doctor to have provided the absolute best care possible, just that he or she act reasonably careful with reasonable skill.

Negligence caused the injury: Many cases of medical malpractice are brought on by patients that are already sick or otherwise incapacitated. Often in medical malpractice cases the question arises, “did negligence on the part of the doctor cause the harm?” It must be shown that the doctors incompetence directly lead to the injury.

Medical malpractice cases are extremely complex and a great number of issues enter into the case. It is essential that you are represented by medical malpractice lawyers in Chicago to have any hope of succeeding.

If a doctor or a medical facility erred and as a result you suffered injury you may have reason to sue for medical malpractice. If you are looking for experienced medical malpractice lawyers in Chicago, you are welcome to contact the Law Office of Scott D. DeSalvo, LLC.

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