Use an Aluminum French Cleat to Hang Practically Anything

With an aluminum French cleat, it is truly possible to hang just about anything, such as wall signs, decorative panels, wall art, cabinets and much more. This handy hardware is available in a wide variety of lengths, which makes it capable of accommodating the majority of your mounting and hanging needs. You will be amazed when you realize the many different uses for a French cleat hanger.

Light Duty

With a simple pair of light duty French cleats, lightweight items like signs and wall art can be mounted with the greatest of ease. These pairs come in length sizes that range from two to eight inches. These hangers are easy to install with simple screws.

Once you have installed the cleats in your desired location, all you have to do is slide one cleat into the other and you have an excellent hidden mounting system. Just remember that when you purchase your cleat hangers, choose a size that matches at least 75% the width of the item that you wish to hang.

Medium Duty

When you need to hang items that weigh slightly more, such as larger signs or decorative panels, then the aluminum French cleat you need will be medium duty. This size cleat is designed for use with heavier items. Before you start, it is important to make certain that the surface where you plan to mount the item is strong enough to support it and that the hardware you choose is right for the job.

Attach one cleat to the wall and attach the other cleat to the back of the item that you intend to hang. When attached, slide the hangers together and the mounting system will be hidden.

Heavy Duty

Finally, when you need to hang larger items to a secure surface, such as stucco or brick, you will need a heavy duty aluminum French cleat. This size is designed for the heavier, large items and are available in sizes from two inches all the way up to eight feet. As with all other cleats, you will want to choose a size that measures at least 75% of the width of the item that you want to hang.

When you are planning to use French cleats to mount an item on your walls, it is crucial that you consider the weight and size of that item. Keep in mind that the type of surface that you will be mounting to will also affect the type of cleats that you should use.

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