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The Advantages of Owning a Direct Drive Blower Fan in Brooklyn

If you are trying to determine the best choice between direct drive or belt drive fans, you may be surprised to discover that many industry experts highly recommend the direct-drive models. Here are the benefits you can expect from choosing a direct drive fan.

Low Maintenace

Since there are no belts involved, direct drives are automatically lower in maintenance than their counterparts. They also are not reliant on sheaves, bushings, and a handful of other parts. Maintenance personnel overwhelmingly prefer direct drive models.

Smaller Footprint

Since fans that have direct drives are popular in an industrial setting, they are often needed in locations that are tight in dimensional availability. They need to have as small of a base as possible. This requires the wheel to be directly powered by either the motor or coupled directly to it. This fits the function of the direct-drive perfectly.

More Power

If you are using the fan somewhere like a factory, then you need a lot of power to generate the wind that is needed to cool things down. While certain belt-driven fans can be powerful, they simply cannot compare to the power that a direct drive fan can provide.

Longer Life

Fans that have direct drive are also proven to have longer lives since there are no belts or other outside parts pulling on the motor. This means you will not have to constantly replace the fans or have them repaired.

If you are interested in buying high-quality direct drive fans, contact Brooklyn Fan & Blower Sales Co at brooklynfan.com.

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