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Three Elements That Rehab Centers Offer That Clients Need to Succeed

Addiction recovery is a layered process that requires more than one aspect of healing to succeed. A person needs a facility that offers more than just safe housing away from drugs. These are some of the other elements that a successful facility will have:

Nutritional Advice

Recovery for a rehab addict in Rockland County, NY, is more than just detoxification. The person also has to take in the right portion of nutrients each day to maintain strength and health. Therefore, he or she will need nutritional guidance.

Spiritual Services

Drug and alcohol addictions affect people spiritually. Spiritual services can teach clients how to become closer to their higher power and to have faith in their recovery. A good rehab program may offer spiritual lessons, prayer sessions, church visits or something more.

Recreational Services

Recreational services allow people who are in the program to get exercise and spend time in environments that are good for their souls. Exercise is good for a person spiritually and emotionally. Furthermore, it promotes the production of brain chemicals that people often deplete when they get involved with drugs and alcohol. Different facilities may have different activities and programs in which they participate.

If you can find a facility that has all of those elements, then you can feel confident that you or your loved one will succeed with recovery as a rehab addict in Rockland County, NY.

Contact Tolstoy Foundation Nursing Home for the full list of services that you can receive to help you or a loved one recover from substance abuse.

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