Social Security Disability lawyers in Greensboro NC

When to Call Social Security Disability Lawyers in Greensboro, NC

It’s never too early to call Social Security Disability lawyers in Greensboro, NC. Waiting too long to contact an SSD lawyer could create more financial hardship and take longer to get approved. Keep reading to learn when it’s the best time to call a lawyer.

Before Applying for Disability

While it’s true an attorney isn’t necessary to file for SSD, it’s highly recommended to have an attorney file the initial paperwork. The reason is that there’s a lot of paperwork and medical evidence that must accompany that first application. If the paperwork is filled out incorrectly or missing pertinent medical records, the application is automatically denied.

Appealing the Denial

Once an application is denied, it’s not the end of the road. Applicants have the chance to appeal the decision. The appeals process involves going before an administrative judge and presenting evidence to support the person’s disability claim. Representing oneself during the appeals process is not recommended. Hire an SSD lawyer right for representation to assist with the appeals process.

How to Pay for an SSD Lawyer

One reason people try to manage their Social Security claims themselves is because they don’t have the money to pay for a lawyer. SSD lawyers want people to know that this isn’t something that should stop them from seeking representation. Most SSD lawyers don’t charge upfront fees. They get paid when the Social Security claim is approved and paid out.

Ready to talk to Social Security disability lawyers in Greensboro, NC, today? Contact Collins Price, PLLC, today as they have a team of legal professionals to ensure you get the benefit you deserve.

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