5 Key Tips Before You Buy that Used Commercial Truck

by | Jan 25, 2017 | Automotive Services

If you’re planning to build up your own fleet with another truck or looking to buy a used commercial truck in Texas for your own business, you’ll want to make sure you know what to look for so you don’t end up with a bad bet. Here are 5 tips to help you out:

Check the suspension

Wobbly suspensions aren’t a good sign. Repairs can cost an arm and a leg. So if the truck’s suspension system isn’t in good shape, you might want to go with another truck. Opt for one with a suspension system that’s easy to source so you won’t have any problems getting one in the future.
Look for rust

Rust doesn’t look good but if it’s surface rust, you have plenty of ways to get rid of it. However, if you’re dealing with structural rust, often seen around the frame, that means the truck is a lemon and it would be better for you to shop around for another used commercial truck in Texas.

Check the oil

The condition of the oil can tell you a great deal about the truck. Well-maintained trucks are regularly checked for signs of contamination along with antifreeze and metal traces. So the oil should be clean of these as well, says Truck GPS. If it’s not, ask for the historical records and take a good, long look.

Get estimates

Don’t rely on a single supplier to provide you with what you need. Get at least 3 to 5 estimates so you won’t have to settle for options that don’t tick all the boxes. That should give you the leeway to make decisions better suited to your budget and needs.

Review service records

Review the history of repairs done so you know if the truck has been in a major collision or accident in the past. Zero service records? Not a good sign. Look for another one instead.

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