A Rounded Perspective Into the History of Inner Tubes for Boats

by | Jan 3, 2018 | Sports & Games

Philip Strauss in 1911 is credited with the creation of the first truly successful tire. His invention was a combination of a tire along with an inner tube that was filled with air. While nowadays, most modem car tires have no need for inner tubes, bicycles and certain construction vehicles still use them.

Inner tubes are essentially sturdier balloons as they are both made of rubber and can be inflated. However, they start to differ in their shape; balloons come in many shapes whereas inner tubes are constructed in the shape of a torus. Basically, a fancy word to describe the shape of doughnuts and bagels for all the trivia people reading.

What Are They Used For?

Inner tubes, like any good invention, have had its use reinvented for other functions. No longer are inner tubes used solely for car and bicycle tires – they were being used on land and sea. This new use has led to it being called recreational tubing. Recreational tubing has resulted in the creation and repurposing of inner tubes for boats for additional fun in lakes or the sea. These inner tubes for boats can be constructed to seat anywhere from 1- 12 individuals. The inner tubes are either used plain as they are or are incorporated with other materials into a fashionable and fun to use the product.

How Do They Work?

These inner tubes work in a similar function to wakeboarding, except that it takes out the skill required for such an activity. The inner tubes for boats are attached by a strong rope to a boat as the namesake implies and the individuals by way of the tube, ride the wake produced by the boat. Depending on the speed of the boat, this can either lead to a leisurely ride on an open body of water or for the adrenaline-junkies, a ride of your life!

WOW World of Water Sports is a US-based retailer of floats designed to maximize enjoyment in the water. Their floats can seat up to 12 individuals and come in a variety of shapes and sizes with colorful and amazing designs. In addition, they provide other accessories such as life jackets, air pumps, and tow lines.

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