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A Variety of Landscaping Projects Require Dumpster Rental Service in Burlington County

A Variety of Landscaping Projects Require Dumpster Rental Service in Burlington County

Residential property owners may want to contract with a Dumpster Rental Service in Burlington County if they are planning a very large landscaping project. They likely will have a great deal of yard waste and may also need to dispose of heavier materials. Dumpsters and roll-off containers are available for various materials.

Yard Waste and Dirt

Yard waste may include leaves, tree twigs and branches, and other organic debris. The customers wanting Dumpster Rental Service in Burlington County also may be having areas of dirt excavated and new, higher-quality soil brought in for gardening purposes.

Heavy Debris

The customers of a contractor such as Artistic Materials Inc. may need a heavy debris dumpster for certain materials. If they are breaking up and disposing of a patio, for instance, that project requires a dumpster dedicated to concrete disposal. Concrete also may no longer be wanted for a sidewalk leading to the front or back door. The property owners may plan to tear down an outbuilding with a concrete foundation.

Similar materials by weight and bulk include asphalt, brick, and stone. The property owners might be tearing out an asphalt driveway or demolishing a brick fence, for example. A retaining wall made of flat stone and railroad ties also might require a dumpster for removal of the materials so they can be replaced with something more attractive.

Deteriorated Wood Structures

A wood fence that is collapsing also might need to be dismantled and removed. Rotting railroad ties and other forms of lumber that have been used for garden borders can be disposed of in a roll-off container. A backyard deck may have been neglected for years and the property owners may want to replace it with a patio.

Guidelines for Mixing Materials

Dumpster rental companies each have guidelines regarding what they will not accept in the containers and whether certain materials can be mixed. They may only accept a load of dirt when it does not include a large amount of other debris. That’s because fill dirt is needed by many contractors and property owners, so dumpster rental companies need it to be relatively free of other materials.

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