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Car Accident in Chicago? Questions to Ask Your Auto Accident Attorney

Car Accident in Chicago? Questions to Ask Your Auto Accident Attorney

You are thinking of hiring Chicago auto accident attorneys to help you with your case. Those hospital bills and auto repair bills are piling up, so you need to make sure you get someone who is going to give you a fighting chance. The following are a few questions that should help you find the right lawyer.

How is the Lawyer Going to Defend You?

One question you should ask is how this lawyer plans on representing you. Good Chicago auto accident attorneys are going to give you a step by step plan that is going to seem sound and smart to you. A lawyer who is vague or tries to avoid giving you any details might not represent you well.

What Should I do to Protect the Case?

It is important that you talk to your lawyer about some of the things you can or cannot do during the case. You are not supposed to miss deadlines or be late for appointments. You cannot stop using a medication or willfully go against what a doctor recommends. Do not post pictures or videos on social media, just to make sure nothing can be used against you when you finally face the judge.

What to Expect?

The next question you may want to ask is what to expect throughout the process. Find out how long the insurance companies are going to take to review the details of your case. Find out how long it is going to take to see the judge and what you can expect afterward. It may also be a good idea to find out your chances of being reimbursed for medical expenses, work loss, and any and all other expenses this accident has caused you.

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