Common Dental Emergencies You Might Face and What You Should Do

by | Jun 11, 2019 | Dentist

When there are issues involving your teeth that can’t wait until the next day or until your dentist has an appointment available, then you might benefit from the services offered by an emergency dentist. The office will usually be able to treat everything from severe pain that you’re experiencing in your mouth to a tooth that has been knocked out. When you visit an emergency dentist in Lincoln Square, try to offer as many details about the issue as possible so that the proper treatment can be put in place.

A common reason for seeing an emergency dentist is if you have a tooth that is broken or that has come out of your mouth in some way. An example would be if a tooth were to get knocked out while playing sports. The dentist can examine the socket and the tooth to try to save it or ensure that the area in your mouth is clean so that it can heal.

If a filling or a crown gets loose or comes out, you usually know because you feel a small piece in your mouth or an evident crack on the tooth. You could also experience the taste of iron in your mouth. If you notice any of these issues, then try to seek the assistance of an emergency dentist in Lincoln Square as soon as possible so that the crown or filling can be repaired.

Any kind of pain in your mouth that you can’t explain should be checked within a short time of it occurring. Avoid staying in pain as an emergency dentist can take an X-ray and perform other exams to determine exactly what’s going on and what kind of treatment you might need. An abscessed tooth should also be treated as an emergency so that you can keep the infection from spreading and to try to save the tooth.

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