Discover the Advantages of Vertical Roller Mills in Oregon

The early roller mills invented and used centuries ago were doing a mediocre job compared to the vertical models used today. While the former could not produce too much flour and would not break the grain accordingly, the latter are doing an amazing job at crushing seeds. Vertical roller mills are extremely simple to use and can successfully remove any extra powder, greatly reducing the over-grinding phenomenon. Hence, the grinding efficiency is increased by over 15%.

Another big advantage of these roller mills is the low power consumption. While the ball mill consumes around 400 MW of power, vertical roller mills Oregon consume 20% less power. This means you can save up to 20% more in the long run. Roller mills can grind anything without making as much noise as other types of mills. You can use them to roll out pre-crushed oil seeds or uncrushed small grains. The sophisticated design of these rollers ensures low maintenance efforts and trouble free operation.

Vertical roller mills designed by Leon James Construction Co., Inc. are specially created to adapt to the customers’ needs and specific application conditions. Hence, each of their customers can profit from optimum service stability and high efficiency. All the rollers feature a diameter of 800 mm and a maximum length of 2,500 mm, being supplied with a smooth surface that eases the grinding stage and smooths out the whole process. The standard designs are made from top quality chill casting, allowing for several re-grinding operations to take place and ensuring a longer lifespan.

Established in 1977, Leon James Construction Co. has over 35 years of experience in manufacturing and selling new and used feed and seed processing equipment and grain storage and processing equipment. They sell anything from roller mills Oregon, elevators, pellet mills and extruders to mixers, augers, air systems and box dumpers.

Being considered one of the best feed and seed processing equipment providers in the area, this company is dedicated to providing all their customers with the best services available related to feed and seed processing equipment. Most of the customers who have worked with this Ontario, Oregon based business were extremely happy with the services rendered.

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