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Do I Need to Probate This Estate?

Do I Need to Probate This Estate?

When the property of a deceased person is transferred to his or her heirs or to somebody else that the deceased person wanted the property to pass to, the probate process might be triggered. The probate court judge would oversee the administration of the estate. Whether the decedent died with a will or without a will is irrelevant. The general rule is that if the value of the estate is in excess of $100,000, the estate must be probated, There several exceptions to this rule.

David J. Franks is a probate attorney in Moline, IL who offers experienced and quality legal services in and around Rock Island County. Should you need legal advice and services in probate, you’ll want to contact his offices to schedule an appointment for a consultation with him.

If you’ve been appointed the administrator of an estate, it’s a serious responsibility. You must act in the best interests of the estate. You’ll want a competent and thoughtful attorney Moline, IL to guide you through the process. As the estate’s administrator, you’ll want to be certain that both your interests and the interests of the estate are protected. Complications and issues are inevitable. You’ll want them handled in accordance with applicable law.

Administrators are responsible for dealing with creditors, heirs and other individuals in the management and distribution of the estate. Many factors will determine whether or not an estate must even be probated. Much depends on how the property was titled. Rely on the advice and counsel of an experienced and respected probate attorney in Moline, IL.

For purposes of your own estate planning, you might even be able to avoid probate completely. Contact David J. Franks at 563-362-3288 to arrange to speak with him on your probate questions or issues. You can also contact him at

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