Essential Considerations before Purchasing Hydraulic Trailers

by | Jul 10, 2019 | Boat Trailer Dealer

Small sized sailboats and even some smaller powerboats are relatively easy to transport. They can be conveniently loaded on and off of submersible trailers that are designed to carry these smaller, lighter boats.

When it comes to larger craft, either sailboats or powerboats, most owners have the boats moved by marine transport professionals. Some owners do have their own hydraulic trailers as well, and buying one of these trailers is an investment in your boat’s safety and security during loading, transport, moving and unloading.

Safety Considerations

There are two very different options in hydraulic trailers. One is used to move boats around in a boatyard or marina, and it is self-propelled and easy to maneuver. The road trailers are very different, and they are designed to keep the boat secure and safe even when traveling on highways or through urban areas.

The biggest issue with safety in transporting boats is the ability to secure the boat on the trailer. These trailers have adjustable cross beams for keel support, as well as offering airbags and shock absorbers on the trailer frame to prevent the boat from being damaged when trailing on rough roads. Hydraulic arms can also be positioned to the front and rear of the trailer for increased support and stability.

There are multiple additional safety features to assist with loading and unloading the boat from the trailer. Look for a rolling dolly system that allows for a single person to be able to launch and retrieve the boat.

Correct Size and Custom Features

Most hydraulic trailers are designed to be used to transport boast up to a specific length a well as weight. For boat transport companies, ensuring the correct trailer is selected for the boat is always an essential consideration.

The top manufacturers of boat trailers can work with customers to add the features required. They can also provide customization to the frame, hydraulics, or other design elements on the trailer to meet specific modifications.

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