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FAQs For Overhead Garage Doors Phoenix, AZ

In Arizona, property owners purchase garage doors based on heightened security and prevention of elemental damage. The installations provide security based on the type of locking mechanisms provided. The following are FAQs about installations for Overhead Garage Doors Phoenix AZ.

Is It Possible to Replace a Portion of the Door Only?

Yes, it is possible to replace a portion of the garage door only. However, the damage must be present in one section of the panel only. If the damage extends beyond an individual panel, it is recommended that the property owner has the entire door replaced. Severe damage leads to potential risks such as the exposure to elements and home invasions.

What is the Height Range for Overhead Garage Doors?

The height range for an overhead garage door begins at eight feet and spans up to twenty feet. The service provider measures the garage to identify the appropriate height for the garage. All garages must provide at least a four and one-half inch headroom gap. This measurement is recommended for garages with high ceilings. Any ceiling that is lower than the standard needs another two inches to achieve an appropriate measurement.

How Does R-Value Help the Property Owner and What is It?

The R-value applies to the insulation inside the garage door. The value determines the thermal efficiency of the garage. A greater rating defines better efficiency inside the fixture. The property owner needs an overhead garage door with a higher R-value. This rating prevents common issues related to controlling the temperature inside the garage.

What are the Maintenance Requirements for These Doors?

As a term of most warranties, property owners acquire an annual inspection. The inspection is the most proactive maintenance strategy. It determines if there is any existing issue. Outside of repairs, garage doors don’t present regular maintenance requirements.

In Arizona, garage doors provide security for the property and the owner’s automobiles. It also prevents access to other items stored inside the fixture. The insulation rating for the door defines the temperatures achieved inside the garage. Property owners who need Overhead Garage Doors Phoenix AZ contact Neighborhood Garage Door Service or Click Here for more details.

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