Find Your New Career with Dry Van Trucking Companies

The most common type of trailer on the road today is the dry van truck. The majority of companies looking to hire new drivers are dry van trucking companies because they are so versatile and are in high demand. If you are looking to find a new career, finding a dry van company that is hiring should not be a problem.

What Does Dry Van Mean?
Dry van trucks are simply trailers that resemble a big box. They are used to haul goods across the country. All major retailers use these kinds of trucks to haul their goods from their home warehouse to their store locations. Non-perishables, clothing, toys, make-up and many other goods are stacked high in the trailer and delivered to the store. These trucks have no refrigeration so you would never be hauling food or materials that would need to stay cool. In fact, the trailers have no temperature control at all, so everything must be able to withstand heat and cold.

You Have Choices
When you decide you are going to look into employment with dry van trucking companies, you are going to be faced with a lot of options. The biggest choice you need to make is what kind of job you are looking seeking. Since there is always a need for these kinds of drivers, you can usually choose your preference. Over-the-road jobs will have you gone for a few weeks at a time. Regional jobs will have you home every weekend, and designated runs will have you home every night.

Because most companies service many types of businesses, most larger companies will have sought-after regional and daily jobs available. Therefore, if you start off driving over-the-road and decide you want to be home more often, there will often times be positions available to get you there.

Virtually No Manual Labor
Even though those trailers will be packed to the top, you will not be expected to load or unload them. Sometimes a little manual labor may be requested, but 99% of the time you are simply picking up and delivering the trailer with no strings attached.

Give It a Go
If you think trucking may be a good fit for you, dry van trucking companies may have exactly what you need to get you started on the path to your new career.

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