How Does a Home HVAC System Work?

by | Jul 13, 2017 | HVAC Contractor

Nearly 5% of all of the electricity produced in this country goes to powering the HVAC units in homes. Turing on the air conditioning is something most people do around this time of year. If you are like most homeowners, then you are not really sure how your HVAC unit works. Learning more about this system and how it operates can be very beneficial. Catching issues early on will allow you to call in an HVAC company in Jacksonville and get them fixed right away. Read below to find out about how the HVAC unit in your home produces the cool air needed to keep your residence at comfortable temperatures.

The Connection Between the Inside and Outside Portion of Your Unit

In order for cool air to be produced, the lines flowing from your inside and outside unit must be functional. The electricity that runs through your unit will push the refrigerant through these lines when cool air is needed. The unit will pull the hot air in the home through the vents with the use of motorized fans. At the same time, the refrigerant enters the exterior compressor coil where it is turned into cold vapor. Once it is converted, the cool air is pushed through the vents and into the home. This process will be repeated for as many times as needed to get the home at the right temperature.

Handling Repair Issues

The HVAC unit in your home is designed to work a certain way. If any of the parts on the system are broken, then calling in an HVAC company in Jacksonville will be needed. The longer you wait to get your system fixed, the harder you will find it to keep your indoor temperature at comfortable levels. With the right professional help, getting your HVAC system back in good working order will be a breeze.

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