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How Etched Graphics Can Be Made for Peachtree City, GA Businesses

How Etched Graphics Can Be Made for Peachtree City, GA Businesses

You can meet some practical needs of your business in addition to enhancing the overall style of your facility by taking advantage of etched graphics. Peachtree City, GA business owners can utilize etched and frosted window graphics to create an open and modern environment while retaining a measure of privacy at the same time.

By the application of etched and frosted window graphics, you can achieve a solution that helps you benefit from natural lighting flowing through your windows, in addition to an exceptional design with the graphics of your choice.

Multifunctional and Stylish
Window etched graphics can display anything, including an image of your logo, motto, or other inspirational message, or simply an artistic design of some nature. These window graphics can elevate the style of your interior workspaces while delivering added privacy in the open space.

There are two major ways glass etching can be performed:

Abrasive Sandblasting
As a common technique for producing various patterns in glassware that creates a frosted appearance to the glass, abrasive sandblasting involves the application of an abrasive material mixed with high pressure air that cuts the glass surface to create the desired effect. The techniques involved with abrasive sandblasting include:

  • Carving – this technique carves or blasts deep into the glass, producing three-dimensional etching.
  • Surface etching – with this technique, only the surface of the glass is etched.
  • Shading – the glass is blasted to produce varying shades of gray as opposed to only solid white that is produced with surface etching.
  • Combination techniques – by utilizing various etching techniques in one piece in addition to other glass working techniques such as glassblowing, stained glass, etc., optimum results can be achieved.

Chemical Etching
A chemical process that produces similar results to sandblasting is referred to as chemical etching. With this technique, glass etching creams consisting of fluoride compounds are applied to the glass surface to produce an opaque, rough, frosted glass appearance. With this process, no equipment for abrasive etching is required.

Etched graphics provide beautiful and elegant designs on the surface of glass and windows. These designs are permanent in nature and are quite popular, seen in many different venues, including homes, banks, and hotels.

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