How often should automatic transmission fluid be changed?

by | Nov 26, 2015 | Automotive Services

The lubricating fluids inn your car should be drained off and changed periodically. Various factors enter into the frequency which you change these fluids. The service intervals are not common for every vehicle, they can vary considerably; it is always a good idea to refer to the owner’s manual that came with your vehicle to determine when you should change automatic transmission fluid.

Although the interval between fluid changes does vary, on average you can consider 25,000 miles as a good bench mark. Driving conditions also have to be factored in, for some people it may be necessary to change the fluid more often. Automatic transmission fluid is a red color, if you check the condition on the dipstick and you see the color is dark brown then the fluid should be changed. Periodic checking of the fluid not only indicates if it needs to be changed, it can also indicate there is a leak if the level is low.

As the vehicle operates the automatic transmission fluid gets very hot, it is the heat that leads to degradation of the fluid which in turn reduces its lubricating qualities. An automatic transmission includes many parts, if the transmission is not lubricated properly this will lead to premature wear and failure as well as a release of contaminates into the fluid.

When it is time to change the transmission fluid it is also time to replace the filter if the transmission is so equipped, not all are. Some automatic transmissions are fitted with a screw type filter similar to the engine oil filter although the more common location of the filter is inside the transmission case. Obviously to change the filter requires removing the pan. If there is a leak in the transmission there is a very good chance it is leaking at the pan, when changing the fluid and filter; change the pan gasket as well.

It does not harm the automatic transmission if the fluid is changed more frequently than suggested. Transmission fluid is expensive but changing it in advance of the recommended mileage can help keep the transmission in good operating condition. People that use their cars to tow a boat or trailer often find that more frequent fluid changes are advantageous. When the fluid is changed more often than the suggested period it is usually not necessary to replace the filter every time.

Even with regular fluid changes an automatic transmission can fail. If you are experiencing any problems with the automatic transmission of your vehicle you are invited to take it to Trans Works Transmission LLC. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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