Is Chin Augmentation In Naperville Right For You?

While many people hear about augmenting the breasts and having other surgical procedures done to enhance the body and face, many people in Naperville aren’t sure what chin augmentation is or what it entails. If this area of your body seems out of proportion with the rest of your face, you may choose to get such a procedure done. However, understanding more about it will help you determine if it’s best for you.

What It Is

If your chin seems to short for the rest of the body, you may find that augmentation in Naperville can help. It reshapes the area by inserted jaw implants or performing a reduction surgery on the jawbone. It is usually done along with a full facelift or nose surgery (rhinoplasty) to ensure that the entire face looks it’s very best. You may also want to consider cheek implants to give you a full facial rejuvenation.

The implants can include bone, fat from elsewhere on the body, or silicone.


In most cases, such a surgical procedure will take between the one-half hour to two hours, depending on your needs and the location where you have the surgery.

Side Effects

In most cases, all side effects are temporary and can including a difficulty in smiling or talking for several days afterward. You may also be on a liquid diet for multiple days if you have intra-oral sutures.


You may need to take off work for a full week or more, depending on any complications and your ability to heal. You will also be able to go back to workouts in about two weeks.

Chin augmentation in Naperville can enhance the lower portion of your face and make it more prominent. Visit the Center for Cosmetic & Laser Surgery online at to learn more.

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