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Preparation Required for Steel Roof Tiles in Aurora CO

Preparation Required for Steel Roof Tiles in Aurora CO

Slate Steel Roof Tiles in Aurora CO in Frederick MD are available in a wide range of colors, styles, and thicknesses to match any exterior and suit any preference. They will withstand harsh weather conditions and can last as long as a century. This roofing choice will drastically increase the value of the home providing a high return on the investment. Tile roof installation does require some preparation that is vital to the outcome of the project.


Tiles are much heavier than shingles, shakes, or metal roofs. A home that currently has a tile roof was built to handle the extra weight so that is not a problem. One that was built for shingles must be inspected to determine if the structure can hold the total weight of the Steel Roof Tiles in Aurora CO in Frederick MD. There are reinforcements that can be added to the roofing beams for support, so a tile roof can be installed in most cases.


Slate tiles are expensive compared to other roofing materials. Homeowners who have the time to save money for the roofing project will want to get an estimate for a general idea of a savings goal. If a roof replacement is needed immediately, homeowners will do well to search for the best pricing available in the area. Look into financing options and compare the pricing of other materials before making a final decision.

Proper Installation

Installing slate tiles properly is critical to the success of a roofing project. Mistakes, misalignment of tiles, and improper installing techniques result in leaks, excess pressure on individual tiles, and the possibility of tiles falling off the roof. Experience, precision, and the right equipment are required to get the job completed correctly. Repairing a poorly installed roof will be time-consuming and costly.

An experienced company that has been in business for decades is an excellent choice. There will be many examples of previous work to see in the neighborhood. Technicians can provide recommendations regarding thickness and color of tile that will look best on the house. A follow-up inspection is done after clean-up to be sure the roof is free of mistakes. Customers can Visit ACE Roofing & Construction to discover what discounts are available and to view completed projects. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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