Providing Quality Care As An Aide

by | May 20, 2019 | Health & Fitness

As a new CNA or home health aide, there are a few things that you should keep in mind so that you can be successful and so that you can offer the best care to your clients. You need to work with the schedule of the client and the family, but unless you’re working as a live-in worker, then you need to take some time for yourself as well. An in-home care Elmhurst agency can often give you the details that you need about the client so that you know what you’re expected to do and what the family will provide.

Make sure you communicate with the client, the agency, and the family so that everyone knows if there are any issues that need to be addressed and so that you know of any tasks that you need to complete that you weren’t made aware of when you first started working. Always be on time. You don’t want to keep the client waiting as someone would need to be called in to go to the home if you’re late. This can then change the entire schedule for other aides and for family members.

The care that you provide needs to be consistent. The in home care Elmhurst agency can help with this by providing a list of the tasks that you have to do in the home, such as cleaning, bathing, dressing the client, or making sure the home remains a safe environment. Avoid spending too much time on your phone unless it’s an emergency as your focus needs to be on the client. Even if you’re not certified, you need to take as many training classes as you can so that you have the skills needed in order to provide the care that your clients need whether they are in a home or in a nursing facility that they call their home.

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