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Questions About Maintenance And Pool Supplies In Kansas City

Having your own swimming pool in your back yard will give you hours of relaxation and enjoyment. To keep the water looking good, you must have the correct balance of chemicals in your pool. When you need help purchasing the right chemicals, visit an experienced company that sells Pool Supplies in Kansas City. Below are frequently asked questions about maintaining the water in your pool.

Q.) How often should pool water be tested to make sure that the chemical balance is right?

A.) Use swimming pool test strips to check the chemical balance in your pool at least two times a week. Look at the chart on the bottle of the test strips to check the chemical ratio in your pool. If your pool water looks cloudy or green, test the water and add the chemicals that you need.

Q.) What is the importance of chemically balanced pool water?

A.) If you don’t have the correct balance of chemicals in your pool, the water won’t be properly sanitized. A correct balance of chemicals keeps the water sparkling clear and clean. If you’re unsure about the chemicals you need, talk to a representative that works at a company that sells Pool Supplies in Kansas City.

Q.) Is it safe to swim in a pool immediately after adding the chemicals?

A.) When you add chemicals to your pool, wait until all the chemicals have dissolved and dispersed through the water before getting in. This should only take about 30 minutes and then you’ll be able to swim in your pool.

Q.) Is it okay to use chemicals that are leftover from the previous year?

A.) Check the expiration date on your chemicals to make sure that they haven’t expired. If the expiration date is in the future, then you can safely use the chemicals. If the chemicals are past the expiration date, purchase new chemicals from a company that sells Pool Supplies in Kansas City.

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