Questions To Ask Induction Hardening Companies

by | Jan 16, 2018 | Metal

Induction hardening, as the name implies, uses induction heating methods to pinpoint the surface areas of a part or component that are to undergo the process. Through induction hardening, specific areas of a part become harder, but they also become more brittle. The hardened areas of the part will have a higher level of resistance to wear and tear and will be less likely to fail from metal fatigue issues.

The process of induction heating is followed by quenching in a solution. This is often water, but it can also be a polymer solution. Either water or a solution will cause the area that has been heated to cool quickly, reversing the transformation of the metal and making the surface layer, to the depth required, harder and more resistant.

Due to the transformation when the heating occurs, it is not required or even desired for the entire part to be hardened. This could, in fact, cause a shorter life cycle for the entire part, which is why induction heating has to be applied specifically to the desired area.

Finding A Company

As this is a specialized service that requires precision in the design of the induction heating method as well as a full understanding of the principles and process, finding top induction hardening companies should be a priority.

There are a few questions to ask any induction hardening companies before considering them as a partner in your business. These questions include:

* What is your experience in induction hardening with the same metal or alloy?

* How long have you been in business and what percentage of your work is induction hardening?

* What type of quality control do you use in your facility?

* What is your maximum and minimum volume run capacity?

* What method of induction hardening do you recommend for the specific job?

Finally, while cost will always be a factor to consider, it is not always the most significant. Instead, look for induction hardening companies that offer quality control and experience before comparing quoted prices for the job.

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