Recycling Tips To Think About Before Visiting A Scrap Yard In Philadelphia

by | Feb 10, 2015 | Metal

Scrap metal recycling is very popular with many people across the country. Why? For starters, scrapping metal is a great way to avoid depleting the earth’s natural resources and to save the environment. On the other hand, scrap metal recycling can bring in a decent amount of cash. With a decent amount of the right kinds of metals you can make a pretty penny at a scrap yard in Philadelphia.

The first step in scrapping metal involves actually locating your metal. You can find metal in almost anything. Scrap yards are willing to take everything from metal tubs to washers and dryers. If you have a job as a plumber or contractor, you might come across all kinds of metal wiring or pipes. Collect all of these pieces and store them somewhere in or around your home.

Experienced metal scrappers know what kinds of metals will generate the most money. For instance, copper is considered to be one of the most valuable metals sold today. While aluminum may go for $0.50 a pound, copper could be sold for as much as $3 or $4 a pound. However, a scrap yard in Philadelphia will be willing to take any kind of metal that you can offer.

Make sure the metal is presentable before selling it to a scrap yard. Scrappers often make the mistake of collecting metal and selling it as-is. Some of the metal you find will be covered in plastic, rubber, or even corrosion. Metal that hasn’t been cleaned is worth a lot less. For instance, a pound of copper wiring covered in a thin layer of protective plastic might sell for $1.50. However, if you stripped off that protective layer of plastic, you could get $3 or $4 for that same pound. Talk with the owner of your local scrap yard in Philadelphia to learn more about their rules and guidelines.

Use these tips in order to recycle your metal and make a little money at the same time. Again, look in as many places as you can for metal wiring and pieces. Be mindful of the kind of metal you’re collecting and how much it’s worth. Lastly, remember that a Scrap Yard In Philadelphia may pay you more for clean and stripped metal.

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