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Should Environment Friendly Cremations in Hamilton OH Be Part of the End of Life Plans?

The fact is that everyone eventually passes away. Rather than leaving loved ones wondering what sort of arrangements should be made for the funeral and the burial, it pays to take care of those details now. Making arrangements in advance, especially in terms of what should happen with the body, will take a considerable burden off the shoulders of loved ones. Here are some of the reasons why considering options for Environment Friendly Cremations in Hamilton OH should be part of that planning.

Land for the Living

There are those who choose Environment Friendly Cremations in Hamilton OH for one simple reason. They believe that land should be reserved for use by those who are still around. The reasoning is that land is put to better use when it can be set aside for raising crops, building homes, or creating parks where children can play. When that is the mindset of the individual, the idea of being buried holds no appeal at all. With cremation, there is the option of having the ashes scattered or keeping them in an urn. With either choice, there is no need to secure land for use as a burial plot.

Avoid Costly Burial Expenses

The days of being able to dig a grave in a cemetery, build a pine box, and create a place for the departed to rest is no longer possible in many parts of the country. The fact is that between buying a plot, sinking a vault, preparing a headstone, and investing in a casket, the expense can be significant. For those who would rather those financial assets remain available to take care of loved ones, cremation makes a lot of sense. The expense, even allowing for the urn, will be a fraction of what a traditional burial costs these days.

After learning more about the process and the options for keeping or scattering the ashes, it will be much easier to make a decision that is right for the individual and will also prevent the family from having to make those decisions later on.

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