Signs of Nursing Home Negligence and What to Do About Them

by | May 11, 2016 | Law Services

When a person is placed in a nursing home, vigilance is needed to ensure they are receiving proper care. Residents of nursing homes are often open to abuse and neglect. Even when placed in such a place on a short term basis, being in an environment with uncaring and overworked staff can lead to medical crises which would not otherwise occur. If there is reason to suspect a problem, Libertyville Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers can assist in swift legal action. Here are the signs to look out for to ensure abuse does not go unnoticed.

The most pervasive form of abuse in nursing homes is overall intimidation and the use of fear in order to gain control. Basic needs may not be attended to, such as hygiene and other methods of avoiding infections or other illnesses. Some nursing home employees simply want to tell loved ones who live there how their lives will be from then on in order to make their own work day easier. Verbal and emotional abuse are common. This can lead to the resident not wishing to cause a fuss and opens the door to many other problems.

Libertyville nursing home negligence lawyers also handle medical neglect and wrongful death. Improper medical care may appear in the form of new bed sores, changes in alertness from illness or medication mistakes, or weight loss. Personality changes can also be indicators of fear and exposure to manipulation by employees.

Physical or sexual abuse may be evident if there are new bruises, abrasions or burns. Sexual abuse is indicated by locations of such marks, so it is best to be on the lookout for any skin changes.

Loved ones are precious, whether they are family or beloved friends. Any time improper conduct is suspected, Libertyville nursing home negligence lawyers can be of assistance. Call today for a free consultation.

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