Sterling VA Tire Repair: Is Purchasing Pre-owned Tires A Safety Danger?

by | Sep 11, 2014 | Automotive Services

In recent years, buying and selling of pre-owned tires has become a flourishing business in America. Vehicle owners are easily enticed by the notion of saving some money by picking up pre-owned tires, and typically over-look several safety risks connected with it. About three hundred million tires are thrown away and two hundred million pre-owned tires are purchased yearly in America alone. While you can save some money by buying used tires, a pre-owned tire will deteriorate a lot quicker than a new one. Your pre-owned tires’ dealer may not refund your money if you wish to return the tires you purchased.

It is not a good idea to purchase pre-owned tires for the reason that they are usually filled with temporary sealing materials. Sterling VA Tire Repair experts say that tires which have been utilized for over six years have a high probability of tread separation whilst on the road, leading to fatal accidents which often results in death. There is no denying the fact that a pre-owned tire might have suffered ozone cracking, wear and tear, punctures, cuts and reduction in pressure as a result of weight imbalance.

Ideally, a tire should not be utilized more than six years and you have no way of knowing how old a second hand tire really is. With time, tires lose their capability to produce friction on the road. What this means is that it’ll take a longer time for your vehicle to slow down after you’ve applied the breaks. Also, it means that the fate of your vehicle is unpredictable during torrential rainfalls. This is precisely why several Sterling VA tire repair experts do not recommend buying second hand tires.

If you use rubber bands, you may have noticed that they lose their physical and chemical properties with time. A rubber band becomes loose once it looses it elasticity. The same phenomenon occurs with car tires even when you have not used them for an extended time period. When you purchase a second hand tire, you’ll break the link between the original tire owner and the manufacturer of the tire. When this happens, you will not know when the manufacturers recall these tires. It is common knowledge that the majority of accidents caused as a result of tire failure are mostly due to tread separation from loss of proper adhesion between the rubber and steel in radial tires. Visit for more information.

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