The Advantages Of Robotic Welding Metal Fabrication

by | Nov 20, 2018 | Metal Fabricators

One of the benefits of choosing to outsource metal fabrication for any OEM is the ability to know the price per unit delivered. The OEM knows when selecting the company for welding metal fabrication exactly what they will pay. There is no reason to worry about having to replace equipment, having to hire welders or even having to add more shifts to keep production on schedule.

Lowers Cost and Boost Production

Specialized companies offering welding metal fabrication also look for ways to decrease the cost of their services to remain highly competitive in the market. One way that several of the top welding fabricators are achieving this goal is to move into the use of robotics.

The increased technology, precision and “lights out” performance and production makes robotic welding a very cost-effective decision. The welding fabricator can capitalize on defect-free delivery, rapid completion of large volume or ongoing orders as well as short turnaround time, all that are benefits to the OEM as well.

Benefits to Consider

In addition, there are several other ways that the addition of robotics to welding services is a benefit for the OEM. These include:

 * Complexity of parts – the more complex the part, the greater the risk of human error or slight variations in parts during the welding process. By using robotics, which are computer controlled, these minor variations and human mistakes are eliminated from the fabrication process.

 * Faster welding – robotic arms work on a continual basis. They do not get fatigued, need breaks or have downtime during shift changes. Saving even a few seconds per weld on a part can add up to significantly faster production, which only increases with larger volume orders.

 * Quality control – every welder has a different level of proficiency and a greater focus on quality. With the use of robotic welding metal fabrication, there is no deviation or differences, leading to more precision welds and better overall quality parts.

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