The Benefits of Selecting Copeland Refrigeration Compressors

by | Dec 28, 2016 | Tools and Equipment

For any type of commercial or industrial building or application, choosing the correct components for your refrigeration and air conditioning systems is going to be critical. These components need to be reliable, effective and built to stand up to continuous use in all types of demanding conditions.

Copeland refrigeration compressors have long been a go-to option for commercial refrigeration systems when dependability and reliability are key. Unlike some components, they are designed with a combination of simplicity and efficiency. This combination reduces the risk of wear and tear on moving parts while also providing the cooling effectiveness you need for small or large areas or storage.

Cost Savings

Operating Copeland refrigeration compressors translates into increased cost savings over time. With the streamlined and basic design, there are fewer issues with either the mechanical or the electric components of the compressors. Less complex systems mean fewer repairs over the lifecycle of the compressor, helping to reduce costs.

Additionally, the Copeland compressors for refrigeration systems are also a great option to save money on a replacement. These can be easily remanufactured by a quality compressor remanufacturing company, resulting in a like-new compressor at a fraction of the price of a new purchase.

Scroll Compressors Save Space

Many of the top models of Copeland refrigeration compressors are scroll compressors. These use an auger or scrolling type of system to move the refrigerant, limiting the need for valves and complicating systems to draw the refrigerant through the system. The result is a highly efficient system that is also much more compact than other compressors with the same output capabilities.

The lower noise and the decreased vibration of these types of compressors is also an important advantage to consider. Loud systems can contribute to substantially to the lower working quality of any space while the quieter systems work in the background without the added noise.

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