Two Important Questions Answered About Pool Liner Replacement in Suffolk County, NY

by | Jan 27, 2017 | Swimming Pools

Pool liners will normally last for several years, but there will come a time when the liner will need to be replaced. To avoid damaging the pool, homeowners should immediately order a replacement as soon as they notice there are issues with the liner. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn important facts about Pool Liner Replacement in Suffolk County NY.

Are there any tips homeowners can follow to increase the lifespan of their pool liner?

Homeowners can definitely increase the lifespan of their pool liner by following several steps. When cleaning the liner, homeowners should never use any type of cleaners or cleaning supplies that are abrasive. This includes brushes that have hard bristles, steel wool, and soap scouring pads. These types of items can cause weak spots or tears in the liner. Homeowners should always use an approved vinyl cleaning agent when removing algae and stains from the pool liner. Using a pool cover during the months when the pool isn’t in use will also help prolong the life of the liner.

Is it feasible for pool owners to replace their own swimming pool liner, or should they hire a professional?

Some pool owners do take on the task of replacing their own pool liner, and it’s certainly a job that pool owners can do themselves. As a word of caution, individuals who don’t have any experience in pool liner replacement may want to make things easier on themselves and hire a professional. When replacing the liner, individuals must make sure they’re correctly installing the liner. If the liner doesn’t fit right or it’s improperly placed in the pool, it can cause the water to seep under the liner. Installing a pool liner in a pool that’s a standard shape, such as a rectangle or a square, is less complicated. Those who have non-traditional or custom-shaped pools may have a difficult time installing their own liners. In these cases, individuals should contact a professional company for pool liner replacement in Suffolk County, NY.

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