Use Marketing Tools Such As Webinars To Drive Conversions

With all the digital marketing advice floating around on the Internet nowadays, there are some common themes, and many of them are borrowed from traditional marketing theory.

Content marketing has been around forever, but the formats have changed with the Internet. Webinar creation, eBook writing and social blogging are powerful ways companies can boost sales.

Know the Audience
Today’s consumers are savvy enough to ignore most outbound marketing ploys. People hate ads, says AJ Agrawal of Forbes. Brands need to find their prospects’ passions and needs. By providing information that is valuable to a target audience, brands can build trust and credibility.

Listening on social media for consumer reactions to the competition and tracking relevant trends can help brands find ways to offer solutions for prospects. Helping and educating prospects are inbound marketing tactics that can greatly increase conversions, if they are used correctly.

Engage and Measure
Webinars are one of the best ways to attract the right prospects and find out their needs through engagement. Creating webinars may be a little intimidating to those new to the process, but webinars are perfect for communicating directly with relevant prospects. Brands not only can show how their products and services help solve problems, they can answer viewers’ questions live.

Just as with websites, brands can analyze the metrics of a webinar. Using real data to determine the success of marketing efforts eliminates guessing. Brands can decide which types of inbound marketing work best for them based on metrics and focus on what delivers the highest return on investment. In the case of a webinar, metrics can show managers where the presentation needs tweaking to increase conversion rates.

Keep Up with Google
As with many aspects of business, it’s best to focus on the factors that are most productive. The Google search engine controls almost 70 percent of the market.

To stay ahead of the competition, marketers need to understand and keep up with the latest Google core algorithm updates. A Penguin update is expected this year, says Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land. What was bringing in traffic six months ago, may currently be inviting penalties. Keeping up can be time-consuming.

A viable solution for companies that are not ready to hire an in-house marketing staff is outsourcing the work to a team like Clientraction, and making sure that the chosen team employs best practices for SEO, SEM and PPC tactics.

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