Used Forklift Attachments You Have to See to Believe and May Want to Buy

by | Oct 3, 2022 | Equipment Rental

Seeing refurbished forklift attachments for sale, you might wonder why there’s a market for this. After all, aren’t forklifts generally just a singular-purpose piece of equipment? It may surprise you to learn that you can actually leverage your forklifts to do a lot more than just lift and carry pallets. Even if you use forklift rentals instead of buying your forklifts, purchasing some refurbished forklift attachments for sale will allow you to use your rentals for more than just basic forklift use.

The Ever-Popular Paper Roll Claw Attachment

Paper mills make these immense rolls of paper. They are so huge that only forklifts with paper roll claw attachments or giant gantry cranes can pick up the rolls and move them. Paper rolls aren’t the only things you can pick up with these attachments, however. Anything of enormous size that the claw attachment can grab onto is another reason for buying this piece.

The 3,000lb Compressed Air Box

Do you need a compressed air box attachment for a forklift rental? Probably not, but it is one of the most fascinating pieces of equipment you can buy. You can airbrush, paint, connect compressed air power tools, etc., with this on the end of the forklift prongs. Sometimes it’s better to have something and not need it than to need something and not have it. If you want to purchase these pieces for your business or warehouse, or you want to see what else is for sale, contact Russell Equipment, Inc., via

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