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Wall covering, Wallpaper Boutique

Wall covering, Wallpaper Boutique

Bold, crowded, dark, elegant, refined, cozy, whimsical—there are all sorts of walls in the world. With so many ways you could spruce up your wall, finding just the right theme or creative touch can take you a long time.

  • Play with patterned wallpapers. Take your room from ho-hum to glam by using patterns. Get to work on creating the perfect walls for your home by going with something bold and edgy, sweet and whimsical or elegant and romantic.
  • Use portraits, suggests HGTV. Blow up pictures of you and your loved ones. Put them all over your kitchen wall where you could catch a glimpse of you and your family trying to get that perfect shot in front of the Grand Canyon, or right in front of your home. There’s always something special about photos—memories and can just be the thing to make you smile after a long day at work.
  • Recycle old maps. If you were like all the other kids in the 90s, you probably collected those nifty maps that came packed into the latest edition of the National Geographic. Now, you could breathe new life to your collection by framing them and putting them up on your walls.
  • Damask wallpaper. Want something to make your living room walls really shine? Go for damask wallpaper. It’ll fit right in with the rococo furniture you have or the sets of elegant wooden furniture.
  • Explore playful styles. Want something unique and whimsical? Go for Thibaut home wallpaper from Hawaii. If you want something more demanding than stripes, round shapes or mass-produced designs that reflect none of your taste, personality and sense of humor, then picking out wallpapers that appeal to your style is the way to go.
  • Children’s wallpaper. Looking for wallpaper for your children’s rooms can often be loads of thrilling fun. It can be tempting to go with themed wallpapers too. If you want the wallpapers to last, though, it might be prudent to go with classic designs in their favorite hues and shades instead of choosing that garden scene or angels and flowers design.

Your walls play a big factor in your home’s ambiance, in setting the vibe and mood of every room. So take the time to pick designs that really speak to you, that really fit that space in your home. Whether you’re just moving in or you’ve lived there for years, the right wallpaper can make you feel at home in no time.

Honolulu Wallcovering Boutique offers a whole range of wallpaper choices for your home. Browse through our site for new items or call now for orders!

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