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What Is A Product Liability Lawyer?

Consumers purchase or use products with certain expectations. One of the most important of those expectations is that the product will not falter and injure them. In the case that a consumer claims they were injured due to a product not functioning correctly, either or both the company and consumer will usually hire a Product Liability Lawyer. This type of lawyer will attempt to either prove or disprove that the product was, in fact, responsible for the alleged injury.

In some cases, the product may malfunction due to no fault of the manufacturer. It may be due to mishandling or other egregious behavior on the part of the distributor, retailer, or others. An experienced attorney will attempt to prove who is truly at fault. They may conduct an audit of the manufacturing plant to determine if there were faulty practices or conditions that led to the defect. This is especially true if there are more than one claim concerning the same product. If the defect concerns an entire line of products, the resulting liability may be more than what is covered by the insurance policy.

If anybody but the consumer is found at fault, a civil lawsuit will be filed in court. In most instances, the company will attempt to settle the matter out of court to prevent both exceedingly large judgments against them and negative press that can result from the evidence being presented publicly. If the settlement offered is agreeable to the injured consumer, the case is closed. If not, the case continues via the help of a Product Liability Lawyer.

The consumer will have to present supporting evidence that the claim they have filed is just. If the company is found at fault, the judgment can include monies for physical injury, pain and suffering, and also may include monies if the injury left the consumer unable to work or to live a normal life. For more information on hiring a Product Liability Lawyer that is both experienced and successful in handling consumer complaint cases, contact Edwards & Bullard Law for a consultation. They can inform the consumer if the complaint is viable or not. You can also watch video on YouTube channel for more information.

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