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What Should You Do Once Your Home Suffers From Water Damage in NYC?

If a major storm passes close to the house, your home could have suffered water damage. The repair of the destruction caused can be done through various fronts; however, the best route is to hire certified water damage in NYC professionals to get rid of any serious structural and health threats.

The storm floods or surges are likely to carry pathogens and create a rich habitat to support the growth of mold. When allowed to fester, mold spores can rapidly spread throughout your home and become difficult to remove. In several cases, government agencies will condemn such structures should the microbial threat be too high.

First Steps

Your home is sensitive to water damage because moisture can be quite difficult to detect when the floods recede. It only takes about 24 hours before microbial growth starts saturating all types of materials as well as seeping through drywall.

Moisture can also collect behind walls where bacteria and mold will multiply quickly out of sight. If the family reacts fast enough, furniture and clothes can be saved. However, you need to be careful as you enter your home after it has recently been flooded. Exposing yourself to contaminated liquids, and wildlife can lead to severe injuries.

Before you enter your home, make sure:

1. Electrical power is shut off from outside
2. Enter slowly to avoid scaring any rodents or reptiles that could have gained access into your home
3. Wear protective clothing to provide yourself an extra layer of protection against airborne contaminants and wildlife; make sure the clothing covers you from head to toe.

Calling the Professional Restoration Services

Water restoration services experts will be able to identify items in your home that have been compromised. If anything porous has been exposed to the water, it may need to be discarded. Some items like particleboards, pillows, box springs, and mattresses have a tendency to entrap more moisture than other materials. Your family should help prepare for the coming in of the professional cleaning crew by getting rid of such porous items. However, make sure you itemize and record all the items for insurance purposes.

It is important that you hire professionals to help clear out water damage in NYC, you will find technicians trained in this area and know more about finding compromised areas and restore them to their original state. Click here to know more.

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