What to Do If You Have Social Security Disability Claims in Lake City, FL

by | Mar 1, 2016 | Law Services

A lot of people have tried to apply for Social Security disability benefits only to be denied time and time again. It doesn’t seem to make sense; after all, the person has worked and had money taken out of their check for Social Security. It would seem they should be able to easily get it if they become disabled and need it. Well, what the person may think is disabled and the Social Security Administration considers to be disabled are often different things. If you have Social Security disability claims in Lake City, Florida, an attorney has some suggestions for you.

About one-third of all working adults will have to eventually file for Social Security disability. Although Social Security disability is in place for those who need it, getting qualified for it is not that easy. If you live in Florida, there are some things you should know specifically that may help you. First of all, you cannot make more than $1,070 on the average per month, because if you do, getting disability will be almost impossible.

The next thing to consider is the severity of your disabling condition. If the condition is one that will interfere with your basic ability to work, you may qualify for the disability benefit. However, just because the condition might interfere with your ability to do basic work does not automatically mean that the Social Security Administration will agree with that for disability. The Social Security Administration has its own set of guidelines for determining one’s disability. Other things they will look at is if you can return to your previous job or if you are able to do other work.

All these things may complicate the process to get disability. You may actually have a legitimate disability that prevents you from working, but you will most likely need an experienced attorney to help you prove this. The Law Office of Duane E. Thomas has been representing clients for over four decades, providing responsive and assertive legal services in the northern Florida area. If you have Social Security disability claims in Lake City, Florida, visit the website. It is located at Northfloridaautoaccidentlawyer.com.

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