What to Expect During a Vinyl Window Installation in Topeka KS

by | Feb 3, 2015 | Roofing

When it come to updating the windows in a home, choosing to go with a Vinyl Window Installation in Topeka KS makes a lot of sense. The durable nature of the material, coupled with the fact that it is easy to maintain, makes this type of window a great choice. Here are some things to expect during the actual installation process. Removing the Old WindowMany professionals prefer to remove one or two windows at a time, then move on to the other windows in the home.

This helps to ensure that the home is not open for more than a short amount of time. Typically, the process will begin by removing any caulking and other material that is holding the window casement in position. Once it is loosened, it is possible to life the old window out of the way and prepare the space for the new vinyl window.

Moving the New Vinyl Window Casing into PositionAssuming that there is no structural damage that needs to be addressed first, the professional will apply caulk around the open space and then slide the vinyl casement into position. From there, it will be secured to the home using screws. Once the window is firmly in position, the sashes will be tested to make sure that they move up and down with ease. Replacing Windows in a Timely MannerThe crew managing the Vinyl Window Installation in Topeka KS will gradually move from one window to the next until the replacement process is completed.Depending on the number of windows involved, it is possible to finish with the home in a single day.

Even if the project will take longer, the team will never leave any window without some sort of casement. Instead, they will finish with the new window installation, then pick up with the next window in line when the new work day starts. For homeowners who are ready to replace their older windows, contact the team at Assurance Exteriors. A contractor will evaluate the scope of the project, discuss options with the homeowner, and provide quotes for those options. Once a selection is made, a start date is set and the new windows will be in place in no time. You can also check their BBB ratings.

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