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What to Know Before Buying Hammer Mills in Southern Idaho

Hammer Mills play a significant role in particle size reduction. They operate on the basic principle that most materials will shatter, crush or pulverize upon impact. This is accomplished in four simple steps. In the initial stage, materials are fed into the mill, usually by gravity. They are then taken to the grinding chamber where they are broken down using flailing hammers. In the third stage, perforated metal screens retain the coarse material for further processing, and allow the properly sized materials to pass through. In the final stage, hard materials are discharged from the mill via gravity, while lighter materials, such as paper and wood exit the mill via a pneumatic suction. Here are important details to know about mammer mills in Southern Idaho.

The Four Major Types of Hammer Mills

     *     Full circle screen hammer mills: They are ideal for processing serial grain for animal feeds. The nearly 360-degree screen coverage for the full circle screen hammer mills allows for a high throughput rate and a lower horsepower.

     *     Industrial mills: They are suitable large-scale applications. They can process abrasive materials better than the full circle screen hammer mills.

     *     Tub grinders: They are designed for less power usage, minimal dust and less manpower requirements. Tub grinders can be used for reducing sizes of pallets, demolition debris, truss plant scrap, and boiler fuel.

     *     Horizontal grinders: They are designed for processing longer lengths of wood scraps such as edgings, trim block and ripping.

Top Three Factors that Affect the Finished Particle Size

     *     The size of the screen: The primary factor in determining the finished particle size is the measurement of perforations in the screens covering the discharge area.

     *     The speed of the hammer mill: When the rotor spins, hammers flair out and impact on the material causing it to break down. The higher the rotor speed, the greater the hammer mill blows, which then results in a finer finished product.

     *     Material characteristics: Characteristics of the material being processed, such as moisture content, infeed size, flowability and friability affect the size of finished particles.

These are just important details to know before buying Hammer Mills in Southern Idaho. For additional details about mills, and how to contact a reputable hammer mill supplier, please go to Website.

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