What to Look for When Choosing a Pool Cleaning Company

by | Jul 2, 2018 | Business

There’s nothing quite like owning your own swimming pool. It provides you and your family with a place to get away from it all – your own tranquil oasis where you can soak up the sun, play in the water, and generally ignore the rest of the world. However, you’ll need to ensure that your pool is properly maintained and cleaned, and that will mean choosing the right pool cleaning company in Palm Beach County. What should you look for in a pool cleaning service?


First and foremost, it’s vital that any Palm Beach pool cleaning company you choose is licensed. If you ask for proof of licensure and they either cannot or will not provide that proof, look elsewhere. Licensing ensures that the company is legally allowed to operate in the state of Florida, and that they are completely up to date with the state and county health requirements when it comes to swimming pools.

Experience with Your Pool Type

Another consideration when choosing a pool cleaning company in Palm Beach County is that they have experience with your pool type. There are multiple pool types and technologies on the market today. You might have a conventional chlorinated pool, or you might have a saltwater pool. You may use a sand filter, or you could use a copper system. Each of these require different maintenance and cleaning considerations, so ensure that the company you choose is familiar with your pool type.

Beyond Cleaning

Yet another consideration to make when choosing between pool cleaning companies is whether or not they can provide more than just basic cleaning services. Anyone can come by and skim your pool once or twice a week, and anyone can vacuum the bottom of the pool. However, can the company check the pH of your pool water? Can they change filters? Can they repair or replace equipment? Can they repair the pool pump? Can they power wash your deck? Can they acid wash your pool?

Checking References

Finally, make sure that you ask for and receive references from any pool cleaning company. However, don’t stop there. Take the next step and actually contact those references. Ask the customers what they thought of their experience, whether the company was professional, and if they were happy with the results.

If you’re searching for a trusted company for poo cleaning in Palm Beach County, we invite you to contact ABA Pool Services at 561-654-9745 to schedule a free consultation and estimate. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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