Wrought Iron Security Doors Carry on the Tradition of Hephaestus

by | Oct 1, 2015 | Doors & Windows

Iron has been worked for thousands of years by blacksmiths. Blacksmiths are a specific kind of metalsmith who work with iron. They are called that because the ash produced during the forging process turns the exterior of the metal black. It can be left that color, or polished to its natural silvery color.

In the past, iron was used for practically every purpose. It was used for tools, building materials, as well as weapons. While most people do not make weapons from iron anymore, it is still used for building materials and tools. It was so important to life in the ancient world that almost every culture that had iron had a god of blacksmithing. In Ancient Greece, that god was Hephaestus. In Ancient Rome, he was called Vulcan. Vulcan, or Hephaestus, is so intrinsically linked with blacksmithing that Birmingham, Alabama actually honors its tradition as a steel city with a statue of Vulcan.


Hephaestus is the son of Zeus and Hera. On Mount Olympus, he had his own smithy. He is responsible for crafting most of the equipment of the gods, including their shields. So, when you employ a blacksmith to create wrought iron security doors, they are continuing in the same tradition as Hephaestus, who created Achilles’ armor.

In addition to Achilles’ armor, Hephaestus crafted Hermes’ helmet and winged sandals, Aphrodite’s’ girdle, Agamemnon’s staff, Helios’ chariot, as well as much more. To complete his work, he built his own assistants from iron.


Wrought iron security doors in the 21st century are in direct line with the iron of the ancient world. The god Hephaestus built dogs and lions from gold and silver to guard the palace of Alkinoos. These lions and dogs were built so that they could bite invaders if need be.  While the doors you buy are probably not going to be alive, they will still protect your home and family in a way that only iron can.

Iron is reliable as a security material for several reasons. Because iron ore is ubiquitous, and the smelting process is fairly straightforward, iron is relatively inexpensive. That means large amounts of the material can be used for something like a door. A thicker, heavier door is obviously going to be more secure. A heavier door with thicker bars is harder to cut through or force open. Also, the door would cost less than a similar steel door would.

Iron is easy to maintain as well. It is susceptible to rust and corrosion, but some routine maintenance should be more than enough to prevent that. Painting or oiling the door will likely keep it from rusting. If it does rust, you could easily sand away the affected portion. The material is incredibly easy to maintain, which is part of the reason it has been so popular for thousands of years.

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