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Your Injuries May Need the Help of an Accident Lawyer in Louisa, VA

Your Injuries May Need the Help of an Accident Lawyer in Louisa, VA

Dealing with the damages after a serious accident can quickly take its toll on victims. The injuries and damages can be far-reaching, leaving a person to try and pick up the pieces of their life. Unfortunately, the recovery process is not the only difficult part to deal with. When a person is having trouble fighting the insurance company or with the courts, they often feel as if they are being revictimized. With the guidance of an accident lawyer in Louisa. VA, an injured person can receive help in pursuing compensation.

The most important step a person needs to take when they have been seriously injured is to seek medical care. Certain types of auto accidents can cause serious internal injuries that may leave a person’s life in danger. It is important an accident victim informs the medical staff how they were injured so the right diagnosis will be given and the medical records will be notated properly.

Working with an accident lawyer in Louisa. VA allows a person to learn about their options for pursuing compensation. A person may first need to work with the insurance company of the driver who caused the accident to see what settlement they will offer. Once the settlement is offered, the injured victim and their lawyer will be given time to review it to see if it is acceptable. Should the insurance company offer too low of a settlement or even refuse to pay, the victim has the right to file a complaint in civil court.

Trials for auto accidents are considered civil matters because no criminal charges are being brought forth, meaning that the injured party must be able to prove liability and their measurable damages. Many accident victims feel more confident hiring a lawyer to help them through the process.
If you have been seriously injured in an accident that was not your fault, you may have a sound legal case for pursuing compensation. To learn more about your legal options, call and schedule a consultation appointment with Dulaney Lauer and Thomas, LLP. They will help you through the process and work to get you a fair settlement.

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